Attention-Grabbing Phrases

From one of my favorite newsletters, Joan Stewarts Publicity Hound.

Ever feel like you’re talking to yourself at your blog and at social networking sites? If so, try this experiment. It will lead to more comments at your blog, on your Facebook wall, on Twitter, and even at niche social networking sites.

Choose one of the following phrases and add it to the end of your blog posts or messages:

–“Am I wrong?”

–“Am I crazy?”

–“What do you think?”

–“Do you agree?”

–“What’s your best advice?”

–“How many of you are guilty of this?” (I use this phrase after linking to an article that talks about “the biggest mistakes.”)

–“Your thoughts?”

–“What’s your best tip?”

–“What’s your Number One pet peeve?”

These are all conversation-starters. They show your readers that you’re curious about what’s on their minds.

Sometimes those magic phrases lead to a lively give-and-take.

When I end my messages with one of those questions, I generate more comments at my blog and more retweets from my followers on Twitter.

You can also use those phrases when pointing to controversial content at somebody else’s site. Don’t shy away from sharing other people’s information on Facebook.

One of the best ways to do that is by creating a Facebook Note, where you can upload photos, link to other websites and use HTML to command attention.

Not making good use of Notes is one of the mistakes we discussed during the recent teleseminar on “11 Ways to Avoid Missed Opportunities on Facebook.” You can read about the other 10, and learn how to access the transcripts and recordings, at

How many of those opportunities are you missing?

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