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We were thrilled today to take part in the Alpha WAHM Blueprint Book Tour with Karri Flatla &
Blog Stop: Dianna Ennen

Karri was kind enough to answer these questions for us. Also, my review of her book will also be posted today.

1) Tell us more about how we can create a blueprint for our business. We work-at-home-moms tend to wing it so much and having a blueprint would be a great asset. Love to know more about this.

First, let’s talk about what a blueprint is not. Your Alpha WAHM Blueprint is not a business plan. It won’t tell you how to build a website or get clients. In fact, it’s not a how-to document at all.

I present numerous exercises and thought provoking questions throughout the book. In some ways, it’s a journey of the soul.

The “blueprint” is created by the answers you provide to the questions at the end of each chapter. When you’re finished working through the book, what you’ll have is a roadmap for really thriving in your role as a work-at-home mom—and as an ambitious “mompreneur.”

This roadmap is what I hope each mom will come back to again and again for guidance, for inspiration, and to be reminded of why she is living the (crazy!) life she is living.

Building a business from home is a continuous recalibration exercise. You are constantly adjusting to changes in your environment as well as changes within you as a woman who fulfills multiple roles. The Alpha WAHM Blueprint is your rock of truth. Eventually, you will internalize these writings and, in turn, live in a more empowered, purposeful way.

Of course, your blueprint will change over time as more and more is revealed to you about your purpose as a wife, mother and entrepreneurial woman.

2) What exactly is an Alpha WAHM? And how can I become one?

I use the term “Alpha WAHM” for a lot of reasons, but my big motivation was to help work-at-home moms feel confident in pursuing their passions, profitably if they can. Women—but working mothers in particular—are still swimming in a sea of guilt and to some extent, self-loathing. This has to STOP!

Almost every WAHM I’ve ever consulted with, coached, or spoke to feels terribly afraid of two things:

1) Success
2) Failure

Strange but true!

We’re afraid of being too successful professionally because we’re taught to divvy up our lives into neat little sections; one piece of the pie never touching or “messing up” the others.

More to the point though, successful women are still being labeled with negative stereotypes. This is damaging and often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. i.e. I have to be a [insert curse word here] to get what I want (and need) for myself and for my children.

Conversely, we’re also afraid of failure. We don’t think we’re good enough to meet the men where they are. We don’t believe in our God-given talent, in a purpose that may very well extend beyond motherhood. We’re afraid to just be ourselves and let the chips fall.

So to be an Alpha WAHM is to face your fears head on, claim your truth, and live life to the fullest. As a mother, this is THE greatest gift you can give to your children and loved ones.

3) You have found a great deal of success with your marketing consulting business ( Do you have any top tips that you feel an Alpha WAHM needs to know?


1. Don’t get stuck on perfect. Whether you’re worried about creating a great business plan or a great website, perfect is not the goal. For various reasons, men are more easily able to look past imperfection and keep moving forward. Women, however, tend to get hung up on getting everything just right, on details that really don’t matter to the long-term objective. Then procrastination sets in and you’re business comes to a dead stop. Do your best, and then take action.

2. Trust your wisdom and experience. Then charge handsomely for it. It took me a long time to realize what I was very good at … and what I was definitely not so good at. You don’t have to be the best; you just have to be the only one who does it like YOU do it.

3. Treat your spouse with respect. Being “alpha” isn’t about stepping on the men in your life. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Being a WAHM is really hard sometimes, and it’s easy to take your frustrations out on the only other adult you may interact with in a day. Resist the urge. Instead, make it priority one to keep hubbie in the loop. He may not always “get” what it’s like to be you, but his support will go a long way toward creating the nurturing environment you need to thrive as a work-at-home mom.

(4) We’d love to know a little more about you. Could you give us just a brief bio on you and your business?

Sure! Here’s an excerpt from the back cover of Alpha WAHM Blueprint: An Empowerment Guide for Work-at-Home Moms:

After the birth of her first child, Karri Flatla started a home based marketing business so she could parent flexibly and avoid re-entering a workforce that smothered her deep need for creative independence. Today, Flatla is the go-to coach-consultant for modern work-at-home moms and other small business entrepreneurs around the web. Her frank and sassy advice has been featured at Search Engine Guide, VAnetworking Blog, Problogger’s TwiTip, Fuel Net, Alberta Venture, and Smart Company Magazine.

Karri’s latest venture is the launch of, an online resource dedicated to both experienced and aspiring work-at-home moms.

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