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Diana Ennen Publicity Virtual Assistant VA coachToday I was so reminded of the importance of GOOD client relations.  Well, actually I’m reminded of this often in business, but TODAY, really hit home.  I think it has some valuable lessons to be learned too.

So I get a call from someone connecting with me from an event I had recently attended.  A phone message was left, with just their name, no company name, etc., no additional information, just call me.  Best yet, the tone even left my daughter wondering what was wrong with the person.  Her exact words, “She’s having a bad day.”  So lesson #1:

1)  When you follow-up and call someone from an event, leave as much information as you can.  I would have loved to have called her back knowing who it was.  Also, check your tone.  If you are tired or frustrated, that might not be the best time to call.

So … I did call back promptly and even upon calling, I was greeted with the same tone.  Now if you know me, you know I’m really flexible and easy to get along with.  When this bothers me this much, that person REALLY left a negative impression.

So let’s continue … besides the tone, she starts talking. Still there was no reference to the company she was with, etc.  For several minutes I was frantic trying to guess who this was and desperately trying to weigh in on what she was saying.  Finally several minutes in, she mentioned the company. Relief at last.
Now the real fun part.  The HARD SELL.  The call continued and I was informed about her business and what it does, etc.  Not one mention of my company and how it can help me.  More just a script that I know she’s told 15 people that same day.

When she finally stopped she proceeded to tell me the cost and at that point, I said, Thank you, but at this time I’m not interested.  Because frankly at this point, I really WASN’T interested.

Here comes the fireworks.  They were so not going to take no for an answer. She actually told me that there was NO WAY I could run a business without this.  How could I even think I could succeed. It even got better when she informed me how I truly didn’t know MY business if I turned this down.

Lesson #2:(Lesson to those follow-up calling.  It might not work to insult the person you are calling.  Doesn’t sit well.)

I so wanted to go into the fact that marketing is my business and yes, believe it or not, I am somewhat successful even without your product.

Finally after another grueling few minutes of her HARD SELL, I said, thank you so much, but I’m really not interested at this time.  Maybe in the future.  With that, she hung up on me. No goodbye, no thanks.

I was really stunned.  First, at the event I never indicated that I wanted her to call me.   I never said I’d be the least bit interested in her product.  And really now, I never will be.

Anyway … I do hope you enjoy this.  Let me hear some of YOUR best “rotten client relations calls.”
And what tips do you use in your follow-up calling.
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4 thoughts on “Contact those Clients

  1. Wow Diana! It makes me wonder if she even remembered you as a person before calling you to pitch her services.

    Not only was she rude, but it doesn’t sound like she researched your business beforehand either. Had she even read some of your other blog posts, she would have known how to approach you better.

    My terrible client relations calls are normally received on behalf of my clients. I am continually amazed at how quickly people can assume that they are being “ripped off” or cheated in some way without taking the time to rationally ask questions first.

    Thankfully, I do not receive many!

  2. Hi Crystal

    I know! I couldn’t believe that they were telling me I knew nothing about marketing a business. I was like, duh, that’s what I do. I think the tone is what got me the most. I really wondered if anyone would sign up and say “oh yes, please sign me up.”

    I hear you there too on those calls. I love it though when they realize their mistake and honestly apologize. It feels good to know they realize it and feel bad.

    Thanks so much for posting! Thanks!

    Diana Ennen

  3. Hey Diana

    Her tone of voice really relayed that she was very tired and not happy about what she was selling. I think that would be a direct reflection of her services. Not a very good first impression. I know that when I speak with you, your enthusiasm is really uplifting and gives me inspiration. That is a big key to making that all important sale or contact. Mistakes do happen but before one picks up that phone, make sure you have your happy face on!


    Carol Eigner

  4. Thanks Carol! You are so sweet!

    I so agree. I think it’s such a good lesson to think before we call. I know there’s been times that a client has called me and I’ve answered the phone in a rush. This really made me realize how that sounds.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    Diana Ennen

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