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Entrepreneur Tips from IVAA’s Best – Speakers That Make a Difference

Join us at the IVAA Online Summit http://online.vasummit.org/ and learn from some of the most amazing speakers. Here are just a few of the tips you’ll hear.

  1. Create strong but easy to remember passwords by replacing letters with numbers and symbols – use @ instead of a, 0 instead of o, and $ instead of s.” – Justin Ryan
  2. A multi-VA business model extends your services and increases your income! You never turn away clients because of lack of skill or time with a multi-VA business model. – Cheryl Callighan
  3. They need to feel like they are #1 on your list! Now, this isn’t about them being your only client – as most of us have multiple clients that we are “juggling” each day. However there are simple things you can do to make them feel like they are #1 on your list… one of my favs is: If it’s a quick little task, just reply to the email saying ‘this is done’. This is especially important in the earlier stages of working with a new client, where it is important to build the trust that can only happen when they see you completing tasks. This also lets the client cross things off their list, and not have to chase you down to ask ‘was this done?’ when in fact you did it a few days ago already. – Tina Forsyth
  4. Because the Internet as a whole changes so quickly we have to think of marketing on the Internet as a new concept. So the definition of online marketing at any given moment is the NEW online marketing because it will definitely be different 1 year from now and most likely be different even 3-6 months from now. This is an important concept to be aware of and will greatly influence your marketing plan. In the IVAA summit I will talk about how as a virtual assistant you can always be on top of the ever-changing digital climate for both your business and your clients. Specifically using a key marketing technique called Hybrid Marketing. – Melinda Janicki
  5. Rate increases are a normal process for any business.  Don’t be afraid to raise your rates regularly; it’s the only way to maintain a solid, profitable business so you can be there when your clients need you! Jeannine Clontz  
  6. Whenever you create your content, always ask yourself “In how many ways can I use this?” Then ask “In how many other ways can I use this that I have not thought of until right now?” ~ Jeff Herring
  7. Automating some aspects of your social media marketing can be a great help; but you have to use caution with automation – too much and you will appear fake. People can see through many of the auto posts. If you are not online and participating as well as the automation, then people will not be as interested in engaging with you. The # 1 item to automate when setting up your social networking profiles is your blog. Your Blog can be linked effectively to your Facebook Page, Twitter and Linked In. Doing this will save you time in the long run because every time you publish a new blog post – it will auto feed to those other networks. In order for people to read more, they will be directed back to your website – a prime goal for most people when they jump into social media marketing. – Kathy Colaiacovo
  8. Actively participate in your ideal client’s industry forums and social media sites by thoughtfully responding to conversations, without being ‘salesy’. Adding value to the conversation will give you an opportunity to stand out and be remembered. Include a clever signature line, where possible, which works to drive people to your website. When potential clients are looking to partner with a virtual assistant, you will often come to mind. – Pam Ivey
  9. When attending conferences, don’t try to stick to the schedule in your head. Sometimes the best things happen when you just let them happen. Candy Beauchamp
  10. Leverage WordPress’ content management possibilities and get the most marketing mileage out of your website. Learn about how WordPress categories, tags, RSS, plugins and your chosen layout theme can be used to maximize your site’s visibility and utility. – Linda Dessau
  11. Use the best places to get the best results in your marketing. – Spend your time and money wisely and not only will you see more results, but lots more clients as well. Keep organized and repeat things that work often. You’ll soon have a system down pat that will ensure your success. – Diana Ennen
  12. Blogging used to be a voluntary exercise for the thick-skinned. Now
    it’s mandatory. Better work up your calluses.” “In 2010, a web presence is mandatory for any business to be taken seriously. Blogging allows anyone with internet access to create and maintain their own site, though some help may be required in the detail area.””Back in the early days of blogging, attracting and keeping a following
    was relatively easy. Now, the sheer volume of people using the medium
    means that blogging your way to a huge following takes time, creativity,
    and persistence, just like any other marketing venture.”

    “Consider blogging the 21st century author’s albatross and shoulder it.
    If given a choice between blogging and writing my novels out in
    longhand, my arthritic hand and I would choose blogging without a second
    thought.” –

    Angela Render

The ABCs of Successful Virtual Product Launches with Jan B. King

Beautifying Your Website with Fonts – Font Tech Options for Websites with Nancy Seeger

Cloud Computing Solutions with James Zachman

Content Marketing Success in Five Simple Steps with Linda Dessau

CPanel – Discovering What’s Inside with Erin Blaskie

Create a Social Media Marketing Presence that Shines! with Kathy Colaiacovo

Creating RFPs That Get Noticed with Yvonne Weld

Disaster Preparedness For Your Home-Based Business with Diana Ennen

Easy Blogsite Management with WordPress with Mary Motz

Facebook – How to Create a Custom Look to Your Page with Rebecca Thompson

How to Make Your Summit Experience Rawk! with Candy Beauchamp and Lanel Taylor

How to Provide Support to Authors with Janica Smith

How to Turn Your Words into Social Marketing Profits with Jeff Herring

How to Work for High-End Client with Tina Forsyth

Innovative Way To Get More Clients with Pam Ivey

Keep your Business Humming with 4 Easy Tools with Tracey Clark

Marketing Magic Begins with The Right Tools – Secrets to Marketing Success with Diana Ennen

Online Security with Justin Ryan

Practical Blogging – How to Set Up and Effectively Use This Media Part I and II with Angela Render

Pricing Your Services in a Down Economy with Jeannine Clontz, Nina Feldman and Sydni Craig-Hart

Project Management Software Panel

Protecting and Leveraging Your Intellectual Property with Erik Pelton

Simple 1ShoppingCart How To with Kelly Williams

Success Mapping with Arlene Johnson – Keynote Speaker

Top Ten Social Media Tools for Building Your Brand and Client Opportunities in 2010! with Craig Cannings

Top Three Marketing Tips to Take Your Business Into 6 Figures with Melinda Janicki

Use WordPress as Your Website and Social Media Tool with Christina Hills

Want a college degree in the Virtual Office Profession? with Cyndi Dunn


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