Marketing – Bring on Something New!

Is your marketing stale and same ole’ same ole’?  As you start the New Year, really consider this.  Are you doing the same thing you did last year and the year before?  Now if it’s successful, by all means don’t change.  However, if you are finding that your aren’t getting the clients you used to or the results you used to, then it might be time to rethink it.

Case in point that I feel will help you see what I mean.  We had a new grocery store open in our area recently.  It was so exciting.  Everything was so fresh and new and BRIGHT! Best yet the sales were amazing .. At least I thought.  When they first opened I actually ran out mid week to pick up on the really good sales they had.  I was sure they would run out.  I totally changed my shopping habits there to visit this new store.  Then it happened (insert background music.)  After a few weeks I realized that these weren’t fabulous sales, it was the same sale week after week.  That buy one get one bargain I had was the VERY Same as the week before.  It took a couple of weeks to figure it all out, but soon I wasn’t excited about the store anymore.  In fact, I might go there on the weekend, but mid week NEVER! 

Can you see what happened here from a marketing standpoint?  They had me!  Hook, line and sinker.  I was sold on their store so much so that I changed my buying habits.  However, by not changing it up, they lost me. 

I started thinking about my marketing and realized that I was doing the same thing.  Everytime I had a sale it would be buy one get one free on my coaching programs, or buy one get one free on my books.  I might have a 20% off occassionally, but normally it was the same ole’ same ole’.  I realized it was time to excite my clients again. 

Take a minute and think about your marketing and your specials.  What can you do to up the game.  How can you excite people again.  Please do leave a comment below too (with your website link) so we can see it too.

For me .. my next promotion is different.  It’s 30% off my PR Success Series –  and a free 20 minute coaching call w/ me. 

Moral of the story .. LETs get excited again.  Let’s MARKET with passion and see what the difference it can make!


Diana Ennen / President / Virtual Word Publishing

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