Virtual Assistants – Top 10 Reasons to Attend IVAA Live Summit

Today is the final day for Early Bird Registration.  You know you want to go, so sign up now!


10.  You spend all year doing the virtual thing – time for a real face off. (One on one w/ your virtual buds)

9.    You’ve heard about the “Voodoo Donuts” and are TOTALLY READY to find out what the heck they are.

8.    The VA gurus will be there and you don’t want to be square. Many leading VAs attribute their success to attending the Live Summit

7.    Smooze fest, time to talk some smak with your fellow VAs

6.    You’re tired of being left out of all the latest Industry news and trends.  Did you hear about this thing called Facebook?  Amazing!

5.    Great info – so “learning” is not a 4-letter word

4.    You need your annual booster shot – that shot in the arm to get jazzed and rediscover why you still love your VA biz

3.    The chance to take part in history – This is the 10th year and one of the leading VA conferences

2.    You can’t wait for the goodies – Did you hear what was in those goodie bags last year?

And the #1 Reason to Attend Live Summit ….

1.    Who has more fun that we do? No one!  Last year’s programs totally knocked my socks off – I’m ready for Reaching New Peaks in Portland!

Find out more about the Live Summit and why 100+ of your colleagues feel it is the MUST ATTEND event of the year!

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