Getting the Most out of Your Tradeshow, Exhibits, Etc.

This week I exhibited at a two-day event in Margate. It was the Margate business street festival. And it was awesome! I met so many great businesses and got the opportunity to connect with my local businesses. I do highly recommend doing this. Thought you might enjoy these tips I put together to help with your next event.

offline marketing to grow businessGetting the Most out of Your Tradeshow, Exhibits, Etc.

Have Something They Can take Home – Often times as you are talking there can be a lot of background noise and you can’t get your message across as much as you want. Therefore, have a folder or additional material they can take with them to read later.

Have Something Available to Collect their Information – It’s so important to try and get their information so you can contact them. Consider a bowl for business cards and have a contest (i.e., winner gets a free book), as well as a sign up sheet for their emails, etc.

Talk to the Other Exhibitors, but Don’t Push – You can do some excellent networking and in fact some of my best leads came from the other exhibitors, so get out there and chat. However, don’t push too much.

Think Visuals – The layout of your booth speaks volumes. I had a banner made from VistaPrints which rocked. (And it was free), I also had a stand-up board so I could present my books and write a message. My table was visually appealing. I tried to make sure that the table didn’t appear crowded, but that they could receive what I was trying to say.

Have your Soundbytes – So important. Describe what you are selling well and be ready for questions. By being prepared it can quickly get to the point of what you are offering while you still have their interest.

Don’t Oversell – You want to realize that most people are there to have a good time and hopefully find out about your products or services, however, they don’t want to sit through a 20 minute presentation. Save that for when you have more one-on-one time with them.

Have Fun – People take notice when you sit there and are bored, discouraged, etc., and honestly that alone can keep them away from your booth. Yes it can be hot and long hours, but do your best to enjoy it. It’s a break away from the office and truly can be a good time.


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