Creating a Google Adword Campaign – It’s Easier Than You Think!

is google adwords worth it?

I’m asked frequently by clients or potential clients is a Google Adword Campaign really worth it?  So often I’m able to say to them, well how did you hear about me?  So many say, “Oh yeah, from Google when I looked for publicist or a publicity virtual assistant.  I just love it when they can see it in action as opposed to me just saying it. So bottom line – it works!
But it’s important to know that you have to do it right.  If not, you can spend a small fortune and get little results and we don’t want that.  Hopefully these tips should help.

Everything works together to make it successful.  First you need to have the right ad, the right keywords, the right amount of money for each keyword so that it you get on the front page, and the right amount of luck!

What I recommend you doing first is to look under your keywords and see what other ads are there.  Or look under a topic that really interests you and you know a lot about.  What ads are on the side there that would interest you enough to click on?  Also, just start paying attention to the ads over the next few weeks.  Everytime you type in Google, just glance over there.  That can be a tremendous tool is helping you compose your ads. 

Now when you sign up for a Google Adword campaign it walks you right through the steps.  What I do, and just personal preference here, but anytime it asks for “automatic” or manual – I go manual.  I want to have full control of my keyword rates, etc. 

You set your default rate for keywords.  I normally go for around 30 cents.  I know I will need to change upwards for individual keywords, but I want any low ranking keywords to be at the lowest rate.  I normally go up to $1.00 a keyword, but not much more.  Some can go up as high as $15.00.  (YIKES, yes you heard that right!) Now with those high-ranking keywords, I won’t use them in my Google campaign, but I will use them in my other marketing.  If it’s that popular of a keyword, I’ll write an article with that in the title.  I’ll blog with tips on that topic again using it in the title, and I’ll add it to my website, etc.  Google Adwords is great to help you do some major SEO.

Have a strong ad.  Make sure to include your keywords.  Capture them with that title.  This is what is going to sell them.  Again, once you have reviewed others that can give you some tips.  Also, read as much as you can on creating Google Adword campaigns by simply doing a Google search on that topic.  Now not all of it is terrific advice.  But you will start seeing some common demoninators in its success.  Also, when you sign up for Google for the first time they offer you training.  Take it!

You set your daily budget.  The higher the better.  But remember this can add up substantially.  Go with what you can afford.  Also, for those that are doing it for the first time .. see if you can find a coupon.  For example, on on the site it has a link for $75.00 to be used towards your Google Campaign.  That’s free money that you can now use to finetune your campaign.  They hope you find it so successful that you continue, and more times than most, I believe most will do that.

You can see it’s not that hard.  But one thing to remember you want to constantly monitor that ad.  That’s what makes it so successful. 

Diana Ennen is the President of Virtual Word Publishing, offering PR and marketing services. She has been featured on Fox Business News, CBS, CNN Radio, USA Today, Woman’s World, Entrepreneur Magazine and so many more.  She’s also the author of six books on starting your own business including VA the Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA, and So You Want to be a Work-at-Home Mom. Article is free to use as long as bio remains.

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