Extreme Coupon Tips

NEW! Couponing 101 for CWAHMs
by Diana Ennen

Look for stores such as CVS, Walgreens, etc., that offer Extra Rewards. They rock! It’s a great way to get things for free or very low price. Also, it’s great because you can get brand named products. For example, our CVS has a rewards card program. How it works is that when you purchase an item that is on sale and has a extra rewards value it will print out the “rewards” amount on your receipt and the next time you go in you can get that money off your next order. You simply present the receipt and they will take it off. This is usually an amount from $1.00 to $10.00 off. So you don’t get it that shopping time (which I know at first was hard to understand), but the next time you do.

What I try and do is purchase food items with that rewards money. Things that I normally would have to pay for such as milk, soda, coffee, etc. Or use the money on a really good bargain for the following week. Say I have $5.00 coming back to me and the next sale is on buy a $7.00 product and get $5.00 rewards back. I then get that product for $2.00 (and I’ll normally have a coupon too), but then I have another $5.00 that I can use next time. So it just keeps on going (que the everready bunny music.)

Hope this helps. We’d love your coupon tips too!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing lots more tips. If you have questions or tips, I’d love for you to submit them to me at diana (at) virtualwordpublishing (dot) com

Happy Bargaining!

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