Extreme Couponing for CWAHM’s

diana ennen extreme coupon tips for christian work at home momsNEW! Couponing 101 for CWAHMs
by Diana Ennen

It’s important when extreme couponing to visit several stores and have those stores as part of your weekly or bi-weekly routine. Also, it’s great when you get to the point where you shop by sales and not needs. Honestly you can get there within a very short period of time so work for that. What are the benefits to doing this – here’s a great example … A few weeks ago I was at my favorite store and one of the items we use regularly (and I mean daily!) went up $2.00. I thought oh this is a temporary thing, but it wasn’t. Now if I didn’t have several of these on hand, I would have had to pay the extra $2.00. However, because I did I was able to wait for it to go on sale and with a coupon it greatly reduced the price. When it went on sale (which was this week), I purchased several of these or at least enough to carry us over until it goes on sale again. (Which you will discover is every few weeks.)

What I do is as soon as the flyer comes out, I review it and check out the sales. I just circle the ones that interest me. Then later on when I have time, I will look for coupons to bring the price down even more. Now I know this sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not. Many of the stores that I stop by, I just run in on my way back from the gym. Does it take extra time, sure! But is it worth it, absolutely. Last week at one store alone I saved $120.00. This was all items we use regularly.

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