Extreme Couponing for the Work at Home Professional

diana ennen extreme coupon tips for christian work at home momsCouponing Tip

Make sure you check your receipts – EVERY TIME!

I know this is a hassle after you shop and are all done and tired, but it’s so important to review every receipt, even the ones at the drug stores.  Once you start doing this regularly you will discover that it doesn’t take that long and you get accustomed to what to look for.  Each store is a little different, but the stores themselves are consistent normally in their receipts.  For example at places like Walgreens and CVS it will have a store deduction on the store items on sale … so at the end of the receipt you will see an amount that is deducted and the product .  (-1.25 Colgate).

Look to make sure that you got all the sale prices. Pay attention to buy one and get one free sales.  Often times if the free one doesn’t ring up it can be a $4.00 or $5.00 mistake (sometimes even more.)

Check that all your coupons went through.  If you have a lot of coupons, not saying you need to review each one, but know how many coupons you had.  For example, I will know I had 10 coupons so I look down to make sure that there are 10 deductions.  The store clerk can often have two coupons stuck together so that helps to prevent that.

Finally always go back and get your money if a problem exists.  I know often times I will think well it’s only $3.50 is it worth it?  But when you think about it, those really do start to add up.  And what I discovered is that most places don’t mind at all and it will often alert the store to the fact that their sale items aren’t ringing up correctly.  Many times I’ve been thanked for bringing it to their attention.

Until next time. happy couponing!
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