Extreme Couponing Tip for Work at Home Moms

diana ennen extreme coupon tips for christian work at home momsWhen couponing it helps to check out your Sunday flyers of the stores you frequent before and during your coupon clipping.  For example, I normally go to CVS and Walgreens.  They now list in their flyers when there’s a coupon in the Sunday paper that matches their sales.  It helps me to pay closer attention to those sales and to make sure that I clip them (and for really good sales to get more newspapers.)

Also, you’ll notice that often times the competing stores will have similar items on sale.  Definitely stock up on the store that offers the best deal, but also pay attention to the other store as well.  You are sometimes limited in the amounts you can get at one of the stores and this allows you to take advantage of those items on sale.

Also, make sure you check to see if you can use your manufacturer’s coupons in addition to store coupons.  As an example, Publix this week has a store coupon for $1.25 off their Raid.  I have a $1.00 coupon from the Sunday paper.  Combined that will greatly reduce the price.

Happy couponing!
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