Parenting Book Review – Fetus to Fifth Grade

Fetus to Fifth Grade parenting bookWe were thrilled to get a great review for one of our client’s books, Fetus to Fifth Grade.  We truly feel it’s one of the best parenting books out there and were so glad to see they agree.  Here’s the review.

While I was pregnant, I was disappointed in the quality of most pregnancy books out there.  Most use fear-mongering and make you believe that if you eat a slice of lunch meat your baby is going to come out with three heads and scales.  They also don’t provide you with any scientific evidence to back up their (sometimes baseless) claims.  As a science geek, I found this to be truly disheartening.  I want to know the research behind the current recommendations when it comes to pregnancy and child care.  For example, have studies shown that playing Mozart through headphones placed on your pregnant belly actually has a benefit?


For the full review please go to “Growing Up Geeky”

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