Extreme Couponing: Couponing 101

diana ennen extreme coupon tips for christian work at home momsIt’s important with you are a couponer, even a more laid-back one, to stay on top of things and be consistent.  I know it can be difficult, but if you keep on top of things and cut your coupons weekly you won’t have those days where you have to devote hours to it.  That’s what happened to me recently.  With the summer time activities, school shopping, etc., I didn’t cut my coupons for two weeks.  Now I get several newspapers, coupons in the mail, coupons on the computer, etc., so it was quite a bit of work to catch up.  What was even worst, was I had been not as diligent in my coupon binder and had quite a few expired coupons.  So, it required several hours on Sunday to do.  You can get your kids to help.
The best way to do that is to give your kids all the copies of that coupon pack.  Simply mark the coupons you want and have them cut them out.  Let them know that it’s easier to keep track of if they line the coupons up, so when they go to the next coupon pack it’s easy to put the ones on top of the other stack.Once all the coupons are cut and stacked, they can hand them to you to put in the binder.  Saves a great deal of time.

Another reason to stay on top of things is that you won’t miss out on great coupons that expire. Because I hadn’t been as diligent, I didn’t realize that July 31st, was a big date in coupons and many of my best coupons expired then.  I missed out on quite a few bargains because I didn’t check.
Happy couponing.
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