Extreme Couponing: Saving money and couponing go hand in hand

diana ennen extreme coupon tips for christian work at home momsSaving money and couponing go hand in hand.  One thing I’ve recently implemented is with the money I save (it shows at the bottom of your receipt), to put some of that in a piggy bank at home.  Now with that money I will either pay down a bill or use it on a really good sale that I now can stock up on.  As long as it goes toward cutting down my expenses or enabling me to save more in the future it’s a win/win for us.  Think about ways you can do that too.  Plus it’s so fun to see that glass jar fill up.  (BTW, the glass part really helps.  You can see your savings. Of course you can also use it for fun things, but if you use it towards saving money you will have more money in the future for those fun things.

My coupon tip of the week is to pay attention to the expiration date on the reward coupons and always check those reward coupons for extras.  For example, CVS will often put a 30% savings off your entire purchase within the next few days.  Now if you just threw that coupon in your purse you would miss it.  And 30% can mean substantial savings and is definitely worth a trip back.  Combine that 30% with sales, manufacturer’s coupons, etc. and you will see major savings.

With rewards, make sure you sign up for Penney’s and Sears reward cards too or just give them you mailing address and email.  With Penney’s they frequently send out $10.00 coupons on a $10.00 purchase.  That’s FREE!  I’ve gotten numerous free shirts this summer.  And again, combine that $10.00 savings with a good sale
and you get some great items.

Happy couponing!
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