Extreme Couponing Tip:Know Your Store’s Sales Cycle

diana ennen extreme coupon tips for christian work at home moms
It’s important to get familiar with your store’s sales cycle.  Once you start taking notice you will be amazed how cool it is.  For example at our store every four weeks our favorite frozen vegetables come on sale.  By keeping track of this I know that I can save my coupons for when it comes on sale again.  I also know that I want to stock up and have enough to last until it goes on sale again. I know some folks have fancy reports that they keep.  For me, I just make a jot down on a sheet of paper in my coupon binder.  Frozen corn on sale and the date.  I do this with many of our favorite items that we literally can’t do without.  By doing so, I hardly ever have to pay full-time.

Another thing to take note of is your store policies.  Some stores require you to buy the full amount on their sale items (5 for $10.00) and you don’t get the discount until you purchase all five of these.  However, other stores just give you that discounted rate on each one no matter how many you purchase.

Another very important thing to note for your coupons is how many you can use per card.  For example at our CVS they always have great sales on our favorite body wash.  However, we can only purchase 1 sale per week on our card.  If you don’t pay attention, you end up paying regular price for the amounts over what they allow.

BTW, look for our couponing teleseminar coming in the first week of September.  An hour packed full of couponing tips.

Happy couponing!.
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