Extreme Couponing: Stores Change Their Policies!

diana ennen extreme coupon tips for christian work at home momsHere’s more coupon tips for this week.


Have you noticed that now the Extreme Coupon show has aired how many stores are changing their policies.  At first I thought “Oh no, now we can’t get our great sales.”  However, this actually has a more positive effect.  It cuts down on all those couponers who took advantage and bought up everything before anyone else had a chance. This means less going to the store and seeing that blank row where your special was supposed to be.


What are some of the changes? Some of the changes we are seeing is that some stores aren’t offering savings for competitor coupons.  You need to check if that changed for you.  Also, they are cutting back on the amounts you can purchase with each transaction.  (No more buying 200 of one item! YES)  I found it had very little effect on me.  Hopefully you feel the same.


Another thing I want to mention this month is how being a super saver can help you prepare for disasters and not have to go out and spend a fortune if something were to happen.  Last week we were possibly in the path of Irene.  Now normally that would be a $300 to $400 event so we could prepare.  However, since I’ve been stocking up all along, I had can foods, batteries, water, flashlights, etc., everything I needed and none of it did I pay full price.  What a way to SAVE!  And also what a way not to have to go out with all the crazies in those long lines.



Happy couponing!

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