The Entrepreneur’s New Year – Tips to Having the Best Year Ever in 2012

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The Entrepreneur’s New Year – Tips to Having the Best Year Ever in 2012

Goals, dreams, to do’s, follow-up, connecting with old and new clients, coming up with a new plan, working, working, working … AAAHHH, it all seems to be too much at the beginning of a New Year. It’s just too much to even think about and so much easier just to not do it.

You know you need to make those changes, but often get stuck in just how to do it. And everybody else you know is doing it, and doing it so successfully. Why can’t you? Well, honestly I believe most are struggling just like you and feeling the overwhelm of getting it all done. However, they are doing something right. They are talking about it, sharing their ideas, and getting it out there so that when you don’t see it happen, you go back to them and ask why. It’s kind-of a security blanket.

But what can you do to make it work? What steps can you take to really grow your business in 2012. Here are some tips I think will help.

Tips to grow your business in 2012:

1) Get Organized – Clean out the old and bring on the new. It’s so important to put away last year’s work and start with a clean start for not only you, but your clients too. I do try my best every year to do this and many years I just fail miserably. Just don’t have the time between the holidays and enjoying time with the family and work. This year I gave myself this week to do it. As I reached for the client’s folders, I simply went through them and grabbed anything I knew we might need this year and put them in the brand sparkly new folder and everything else stayed in their old worn out folder. I put all the old folders together, put a rubber band around them, and put them away in my closet marking them 2011. Now I do have a larger filing cabinet that I will eventually put the most important ones in, but this allowed me to get er’ done. In just a few short days the files by my desk are mainly empty with only the most important items in there. I also make sure that everything is in alphabetical order. Never know how by the end of the year that totally slips and the z’s are by the e’s, but it just happens. How awesome to see a-z once again. Now continue this throughout your office. Done!

2) Get a new planner. (Yes, I know you have one already – but don’t skip to the next step just yet.) This planner doesn’t have client work in it. It doesn’t have school functions and times to pick up the kids. This planner is your business growth planner. (Make sure to mark it accordingly.) The planner needs to have each day on a new sheet, divided by hours.

3) Get Planning – Set out time to work your business. In your new planner, for the next month shade in time you plan on working on YOUR business. For me it’s in the morning from 6:30 to 7:30 and then at lunch. I will probably work other times on my business, but this is the time that I have scheduled just for it. I am a morning person and this is when I do my best work. Take that into consideration for your plan. When are you at your best? For just one week write down what you are going to do in that time. Each Friday or over the weekend you are going to take that one step and plan out your next week.

4) Get writing. (You knew as a marketer, I’d say that didn’t you!) You are going to write one article a month. No excuses. With that article you are also going to send it out, add it to your blog, create a couple of tweets from it, and also add it to your newsletter. Can you see the traction you can get with just one article? And don’t forget you can hire a publicity virtual assistant to do this for you.

5) Get Social – Okay, I know you are already on Facebook and Twitter- I see you there. But this year you are actually going to get more involved. In your planner, you need to schedule time (at least several times a day) to get active on Twitter and Facebook. (Or whatever social media you use.) I am more active on Twitter with over 5,500 followers. Now I know that not all 5,550 are my target audience, but what I have discovered is when I send out #PRTips or #VATips , I start seeing other PR folks and virtual assistants want to follow me. That’s how it works. You so can do this. Schedule the time and then send great quality tweets and tips.

6) Get Help – You just don’t have to do it alone. Hire a virtual assistant or someone who can help you accomplish all these goals. If you have a virtual assistant already, start sending things over to them to do. It’s all about the action steps of getting it done.

7) Get Happy – Remember you own your business for a reason. Enjoy it! Don’t get so caught up in the to do’s and client work to not remember why you are doing this in the first place. Take some time to reflect where you are and just be grateful for being there. Commit to enjoying your business more this year and the rest of all this (the to-dos’, the client work, etc.) will just seem to fall into place.

Can you see how you can do this? You can grow your business. Yes, it will require that you make a commitment to it, but don’t NOT take advantage of that new year feeling. You will be amazed that after a short time, this will be so routine, you won’t even realize that you haven’t been doing it forever.

Diana Ennen is the President of Virtual Word Publishing,, offering PR and marketing services as well as the author of numerous books including VA the Series and So You Want to be a Work at Home Mom. Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

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