Join me this week on Radio and Teleseminars!

Join me this week!

Today at 5:00 EST I am joining Laurie Hurley on the Social Networking Hour on Toginet Radio.

I love Laurie! We have known each other for years. I did a lot of her PR for many of her businesses. Today she is all about social media and boy does she know her stuff. Here’s what we will be discussing.

Who wants to do all the work of three or four people? And that’s what can happen when you are an entrepreneur and/or a home-based business owner. Why not enlist the help of a Virtual Assitant to become your right-arm and add value and substance to the marketing segment of your business?

Diana Ennen, a leader in the work-at-home industry, will be joining me this week to discuss how you can get more for all you do and how to take your marketing full circle. Her expertise includes crafting a fabulous press release or article and distributing it to multiple PR streams, social media outlets, blog posts and more.

Diana is a best-selling author of a series of business start-up books and has been featured on CNN, Fox News, in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, just to name a few. So, if you need to get your message out to the masses and are ready to find the perfect VA – Diana will guide you through the entire process.
On Friday at 1:00 EST you can join Jill Hart and I as we discuss social media magic. If you’ve ever been to our teleseminars you know how much fun they are. We give great advice, but we do it in a fun fun way.

And then this FRIDAY at 1:00 EST …

Social Media Magic


Are you struggling with your social media efforts? Do you have a social media marketing plan? Do you have a goal for your social media efforts?

Not sure? We’d like to help.

Join Jill Hart ( and Diana Ennen (, the authors of So You Want to be a Work-at-Home Mom: A Christian’s Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business. We have an upcoming FREE teleseminar on August 31st at 1pm Eastern.

With this FREE seminar, you will learn:

** Why social media marketing IS so very important.

** How to capture the attention of your target audience and keep them engaged

**How to deliver relevant content and truly connect with your audience to bring more results with your PR and marketing campaigns.

**Where to garner ideas, tweets and tips for your audience.

**How to always have new content with your social media efforts

**How to stand out and be recognized with your social media.

**Best ways to spend your time and efforts on social media to get maximum results.

Have questions you’d like to ask, just email me at Also, we’d greatly appreciate you spreading the word. When you see one of our tweets or facebook mentions, please do share! We will gladly return the favor at your next event.

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