Working with Subcontractors

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In the meantime, here are a few tips for working with a subcontractor. If you have tips, I’d love to hear them too.

Here are a few tips for working effectively with a subcontractor.

1) Hire someone who is qualified and above all else dependable

2) Hire someone that is familiar with the work you need done

3) Have a contract that outlines the working relationship

4) Be clear on your instructions and deadlines

5) Communication is key

6) Give yourself leaway with client deadlines (especially in the beginning). That gives you extra time before the client expects the work.

7) Be good to your subcontractor and reward them well.

Again, if you have tips for working with a subcontractor, we’d love to hear them. Post below.

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One thought on “Working with Subcontractors

  1. It’s always been a tough spot for subs, but this eoconmy just highlights their situation. If they don’t bow to the GCs terms, someone else will instead (usually quite happily).GCs are not much better off, as they end up whipsawed between slow-paying owners and the subs who relied on their reputation as a solid GC when signing the job.Of course, everyone including owners is facing serious contraction in the credit markets.Something has to break this loose. As I originally noted, this has never been a smooth process for all players, but the economic hiccups are exacerbating the problem and putting many projects and businesses under.Like Andrea, I don’t have a silver bullet either. But protecting every receivable, even if it means straining a relationship, is one key to survival in this climate.

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