Work-From-Home tips – Staying focused and on task to get more done.

work from home

Here are some of our best tips to get more done.

1) Have a to-do list and timer. At the beginning of the day, jot down the tasks as well as the expected time it should take. Then write down at the end of the day how long the tasks actually took and cross them off. Yes, many use to-do lists, but by writing down the time it takes vs. the expected time, it becomes more of a challenge. You not only want to cross it off, but you want to cross it off in the time allotted.

2) Have your iPhone or Blackberry by your computer and check it when it beeps. You will discover by doing this, you won’t break away and get stuck doing emails. Only those that require immediate attention will you stop and focus on. So often when we check emails on our computers, we stop to answer. By checking our phones, we see what is coming in, however, we are not compelled to take immediate action. Now set aside time to respond to emails and do numerous ones at once. You are so more empowered when this becomes a habit.

3) Don’t fight it. If you don’t feel like writing your blog post, don’t write it then. Do something else. You find if you get into the habit of doing more of what feels right when you are doing it, you can accomplish so much more. And things get done! Now the key is not to ignore completely things that need done.

4) Avoid interruptions. Yes, it’s okay to not answer the phone during the day or respond back to an Facebook IM. Be blunt and if family and friends take advantage, put it in perspective. For example, I could talk right now, but that would mean that I wouldn’t get this done and that would cost me and my family approximately $100.00. I just can’t do it now. However, I can talk at 6:00 and would love to them. When they are able to see the monetary damage this causes often times they understand more. Of course, you would need to soften it up a bit, but just showing you how important it is to avoid interruptions. Even if you don’t tell them the monetary value, but you know it yourself, you can see how much time and money you will be wasting.

Do you have any time saving tips? We’d love to hear them. Please comment below.

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