Join me this Thursday – All you need to know about blogging for authors

Blogging – Yes You Can – And we’ll show you how.

Authors – Why DO you need to blog …. Let me count the ways!
• It allows you to connect with your readers. They want more than just to read your book. They can not only read more about you, but also talk with you via comments.
• It builds a relationship and that’s exactly what you want.
• It allows you to give out your social media information. You can share on your blog how to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. And what you will discover is many of your readers WILL connect with you more there.
• It allows you to add more material than what is in your book so that they can show what else you are an expert. (Many authors also are speakers or sell products that are related to their book. Blogging lets you show that!)
• It allows you to post your reviews and ask for reviews.
• It also allows you to show off other books you might have written. Often when an reader loves one of your books, they will want more of them. Your blog allows you to do it.
• It shows you are serious about your book and can actually help with your next book. If you were looking for a publisher and they see that you are an active blogger with a large audience, that is going to go far in your favor.
• It allows you to host contests and giveaways. (And have some fun!)
• It allows you to do additional marketing .. (we will get into that later.) But your blog postings can be turned into articles, which you send out online. Your blog postings can be turned into social media mentions, etc.
• And BEST YET, it allows you to post your upcoming speaking events.

What shall I write???? (No problem. We’ll show you!)

What you need to add to your blog — And it’s more than just postings. (And the biggest mistake we see people doing.) You’ll love this one.

Top 10 Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog (Many we know you AREN’T currently doing).

Write articles & add to your blog – Yes, we’ll show you how to write those articles too that make tremendous blog postings and can be used for your online marketing efforts.

Don’t forget about Social Media – We’ll show you how to get more with all you do with the right way to take advantage of combining your blog and social media efforts

And so much more.

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