Guest on Word of Mom Radio Show – Join us!

Join me this Tuesday, July 16th when I  join my friend Cena Block to discuss all things PR on Word of Mom Radio.  Please join in this Tuesday at 1:00 P.M. EST –

Here’s a little of what we will discuss:

Press releases, pitches, creating a media kit can all seem to be too much. But it doesn’t have to be. Join us as we discuss ways to master your marketing and get more out of all you do. No more spinning your wheels and not getting the results you deserve. We show you secrets to writing an effective press release and how to get the most results from your press release marketing campaigns.  Also, we will discuss why you need a media kit and what to include in your media kit, and so much more. Learn how easy it is to write quality material that peaks engagement and gets people talking and sharing your content.

The second half we will go over article marketing. You’ll leave with a “Yes you can” attitude knowing just how easy it to so master article marketing and the amazing results you will get when you do. From finding out how to effectively utilize SEO to get your targeted audience to find and read your articles to what to write and finding the best places to submit, you will see why you need to add article marketing to your PR plan and feel confident you can do it.  You can get the results you envision when you know how to do it right and we will show you just that.

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