Do it Yourself Publicity – Yes You Can!

I am going to start a series of tips on “do it yourself publicity.”  Hope you find them beneficial.  Today’s tip is on utilizing Google Adwords to find keywords to use.  If you have additional recommendations.  I’d love to hear them.  Thanks!  Diana


Are you finally ready to start seeing results from your marketing efforts?  Marketing your business can be challenging and there always seems to be something else that you need to know in order to succeed.  The good news is that with continuing doing easy steps it can be done.

Today we will talk about doing more with Google Adwords.

We all know the importance of finding the right keywords, but do you know exactly how far you can go with them?  For example, say you have a Google Adword Campaign.  With the campaign it tells you how much each of your keywords cost to get front-page status.  Now in your Google Keyword campaign you want to find the best keyword at the right price with the right ad to keep your adword campaign within budget.  However, you can take it to the next level by seeing which of these keywords cost more. You’re your keywords are generally seventy-five cents to a dollar.  But you see several keywords that cost $15.00 to use.  Now if your budget allows you could use that highly sought-after keyword, but what else you can do is to take that keyword and write an article on it (with that keyword in the title), use it on blog titles and postings, etc.  This allows you to get “organic traffic.”

I will also often use the same keywords in the title of my article as I do in my Google Adword campaign.  So say someone sees my article, they might also look over and see my ad as well.  Then they think, wow this person has it together!!  Let’s work with her.

Tell us your Google tips!  Love to hear them.





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