PR Secrets You Need to Know!

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• Develop your brand.  It’s important to have a consistent look throughout. Watch in the coming weeks as I do just that with my website, Facebook, Blog, Social Media, newsletter, etc.  It rocks!
• It’s okay to promote yourself online.  Toot your horn a little.  You can do this by congratulating a client when they land a big event.  Ex: “So proud of our client landing…” Or… “So proud of our client’s successful launch.” Just don’t go overboard.  It’s important to be able to show others you are the EXPERT!
• One of the things that I do for clients is to go to those magazines, websites, etc., and find topics for them.  For example, one of my clients wanted to get her business featured in top ranking magazines.  So I went to the top ranking business magazines in her industry and found articles they published in the last month or so to see what interested them. By doing this, I knew what was hot and newsworthy and we were then able to write on those topics.  It worked. (She was featured in Fast Company and had an feature article there.)  By providing article topics that are of interest and timely, you have a better chance of success.
• What is golden is when you then can find tropics that are covered in several media outlets.  When I saw a topic that was not only featured in one magazine, but multiple ones, I knew I was on to something.
• You want to be “the source” to be contacted with your PR.  How you do that is by consistently sending out great materials and building that relationship. Half of what I do is the follow-up once contacted.  I respond promptly.  I provide everything they need.  I also say we are available for additional things so that they know the scope of what we offer, etc.  And finally I encourage them to add us to their list of “sources.”
• Create Cision databases and keep updating them.  I am signed up with, which is expensive, but worth it.  You get the editors at the papers, TV stations, blogs, etc., that count.  There are others as well.  The important thing is to find out how to pitch to the right people.  Those that will run your articles!  (BTW, one of our new services is providing Cision databases.  You develop the pitch and send it out.  We just help you with finding the right folks to send to.)
• Build your list. That’s your property.  No matter what happens on Facebook, Google, etc., that list is safe and secure!  Constantly see how you can improve upon it as well.
• Check your newsletter sign-ins and make sure it’s working.
• Create a Press Page.  You need to let others know what you have accomplished.  One lesson I learned was to create a PDF of your major media mention.  The site can change and if you just link to the site, you often lose your mention.  (Lessons learned the hard way on this one.  My “in the news page” is having to have a complete overhaul, because of this.  OOPS!  Thank goodness I advised my clients to always do this!)
• Once you get your client in the media, you need a plan of action once it hits … (add it to social media, blog about it, add it to your bio and templates for HARO and Profnet, perhaps write a press release on it, etc.)  The reason this is so important is because first you will get more exposure for it as some might not have seen it, but also if the reporter gets more likes and shares, they are going to remember you and come back to you often.  Also, by adding it to your bio and future media, you might secure even more because they see you as “In the news.”
What are some of your favorite PR Tips!  Let’s discuss them on facebook!
Diana Ennen offers PR and Marketing and PR and VA Coaching at  Use these tips in your newsletter, blog, etc., as long as you keep this short bio!

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