Entrepreneur tips – Overcoming business challenges: 5 Ways to Get Back Your Business

Entrepreneur tips – Overcoming business challenges: 5 Ways to Get Back Your Business

Running your business definitely has its challenges. It’s how you deal with them that makes the difference.

Here are a few tips to overcome your business challenges:

• Letting others know your value. So many business owners just don’t understand fully what all you do because they aren’t doing the work. You need to let them know. It’s not bragging, it’s good business sense. For example, with PR and marketing, it’s important to be able to explain to clients exactly what they are getting. Let’s say you land them in major media. Not only should you let them know that it happened, but also provide the stats on that site so they see how great it is and what they can expect. Also, to get more out of each media mention, provide additional information on how they can utilize their social media (people they already know them) to showcase this media attention. So whatever your business, find ways to do the follow-up showing all you accomplish for your clients and why it benefits them.

• Keeping consistent income. Here again, many business owners suffer from this and the feast or famine of their business. One month you are rock’n and can barely keep up, and then the next month crickets. You often crave the stability of a regular paycheck. Well, you can make that happen. One way is to offer retainer services whereby every month clients will retain your services. Even though it’s at a slight lower rate, depending on how many hours they secure, it’s beneficial as it provides regular income. Another method might be to offer programs that are set up on a monthly basis. This differs for so many businesses and how they can set it up, but the bottom line remains the same – keep income coming in regularly.

• Overcoming a Bad Experience. Have you ever had something happen in your business that well didn’t go according to plan? Say you spoke and no one ended up buying your book or becoming clients. Your new program that you spent months on, didn’t fly. Perhaps a client wasn’t 100% satisfied with your services. Believe it or not, this happens to most of us at one time or another. Yes, you could sit back and never speak again, or mope and settle for less income by not going after new clients, or you can reboot and start fresh. That’s the one to go with. We know that loss of confidence can really hurt. However, the real pros know to move on. First, take a few minutes and examine your role. Could you have done something different? If so, next time do it. (That was easy!). Next build your confidence back. Read your client testimonials or talk with associates. Do anything and everything to rebuild your confidence because honestly even saying it doesn’t bother you, more than likely it does. Then get back on the horse again only this time with renewed confidence and perhaps a few changes in how you do things. Will you fall again? Of course you will at some time. But will you always grow learning from your experiences, absolutely!

• Not Pricing Correctly. If I had a nickel for every time that I did this, well I could make up for my pricing mistakes. Seriously though, this happens. You underbid on a project finding out it takes five times longer than you anticipated. You price a course and then realize that you are giving away the farm. Or you simply discover your hourly rate is way below what it should be. Not to fear. It’s fixable. The most important thing you can do is to learn from this and correct the situation. You might not be able to up your rate with the current client, just you can learn from your mistake and never do it again. Also, don’t disregard talking with your client about it. Sometimes they understand. However, know that if its your mistake, you shouldn’t make them pay unless they are willing to.

• Time Management – Pricing mistakes often are made because you didn’t realize the time involvement. So get used to timing yourself. Yes, get the timer out and work for a specific amount of time on that task and see how long it takes. Simple! Also, get a day planner and write down your day for a week or two (or forever!) or get used to using some of the many valuable time management programs available today. Time is money and if you are not keeping track of it and utilizing your time in the best possible way, well there it goes, clunk clunk … down the drain.

Business challenges are a part of business. So get used to dealing with them and also get used to learning methods of rising above them. Be great at what you do, do what you are passionate about, and finally seek help when needed. Let’s chat about your business challenges. Post away!

Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing, www.virtualwordpublishing.com offers PR and Marketing services and PR and Virtual Assistant Coaching. She’s the co-author of Virtual Assistant – The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA and So You Want to be a Work-at-Home Mom. Feel free to pass this article along as long as the author’s block is included and follow her on social media at https://www.facebook.com/VirtualWordPublishing/ and https://twitter.com/DianaEnnen

8 Weeks to Become a PR Pro–Learn Valuable Marketing Secrets at Upcoming Publicity Success Series

Here’s our latest press release for our upcoming classes! Hope you can join us! www.prsuccessseries.com

8 Weeks to Become a PR Pro–Learn Valuable Marketing Secrets at Upcoming Publicity Success Series

Margate, FL (September 2015) Most authors, entrepreneurs, speakers, and other business owners want to know how to get more sales, land more clients and speaking engagements, and land on major media outlets like Fox News, CBS and more. They have the product or services required to be successful; they just don’t know the secret to getting the word out. Publicists can be expensive (yet worth it), and do-it-yourself marketing often ends with zippo results. This causes many to simply give up. Fortunately, help is available with the upcoming training program–Publicity Success Series – 8 Weeks to Becoming a PR Pro, offered by PR expert and best-selling author, Diana Ennen, president of Virtual Word Publishing.

The Publicity Success Series is intended to help businesses master proven marketing strategies and learn the essential tools necessary for success. Ennen is launching this program in October, yet the classes are set up to run continuously so participants can join at any time. A few of the many added benefits include recordings of all classes, a weekly Q&A on PR topics with Ennen, and access to a private Facebook group.
Ennen excels at PR and walks the walk and talks the talk getting clients featured in major media including USA Today, Fox News, CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Investors, and too many others to mention. Ennen states, “Marketing is all about doing more things right on a consistent basis. So many today get started and go gangbusters at the beginning and then lose their momentum and crumble quickly. My new program can change all of that. It addresses everything from book marketing to writing killer press releases and so much more. It’s truly has it all.”

A breakdown of the marketing classes includes:

Marketing Plan Class – Develop a plan that works and receive vital marketing tips along the way.
Press Release Writing & Distribution Class – Discover the secrets to press release success and learn how to avoid all those red flags that gets your release destined for the trash bin.
Article Marketing Class – Article marketing has changed so much over the years and what worked last year, simply won’t today. Learn the secrets to article marketing success and more importantly, how to turn your articles into major media mentions.

Pitching the Media Class – Remember the media doesn’t care about you yet! But they will after learning all these pitching basics. Get the attention of editors, bloggers, reviewers and more by writing a pitch that works.
Social Media Marketing Class – Find the secrets to combining your social media and PR together for optimum success. And discover how to maintain a great social media campaign on a limited time frame and budget.
Book Marketing Class – Want tips to sell more books and get more speaking engagements? Then you need to attend this class. Become a best-seller and learn the basics for growing your entire business through your books.
Preparing a Media Kit Class – Some consider preparing a media kit worse than pulling teeth. That’s just because they don’t know the secrets to success. No pain here. This class walks you through the entire process and then shows you how to use your media kit in all of your marketing efforts.
PR Success Secrets – Avoid some of the horror stories that Ennen shares from her 30 years in business while learning the secrets to PR magic.

This class is perfect for all those who want to maximize their marketing as well as those who wish to add PR to their list of services. Sign up today at www.prsuccesseries.com Early bird rates apply. For more information or media interviews contact Ennen at diana@virtualwordpublishing.com.

Book Marketing – What Can a PR Pro Do For You

Book Marketing – What Can a PR Pro Do For You

Experts in public relations (PR) and marketing don’t simply get the word out; they create such a phenomenal success for their clients, that when someone needs a recommendation they are the first name they consider. They aren’t just in the know; they are omniscient, on the cutting edge of what’s hot, trendy, and up-and-coming. They keep their fingers on the pulse of journalism to ensure maximum leverage for their clients at all times. And they do things right, which allows the message to get out to the right people.

From the latest, greatest seminar to the must-read book of the year, behind every incredible launch, high-profile event, or flying-off-the-shelves publication sits a grinning public relations (PR) and marketing expert.
But one area that PR Pros particularly excel at is helping authors with book marketing. PR and marketing includes much more than getting those all-important book sales to skyrocket up the charts. It is generating name recognition and positive leverage for the author’s business and brand. It’s promoting webinars, live events, and seminars, and also taking steps to grow your business into something you can be extremely proud of. Effective marketing helps you to achieve best-selling status and keep you there.

A PR professional can ensure that when someone learns about your books, they can find your books, your products, your speaking events, etc. As servants of the all-important book launch, PR professionals tie up every loose end to ensure an author’s writing gets the recognition it deserves.
Here are just a few ways a PR and marketing professional can get you and your book to stand out from the masses.
• Make sure your website clearly points out who you are, how to contact you, and what you write in an easy-to-understand press-friendly format
• Help with all promotions on the book, from book reading opportunities to high-profile interviews as an expert in the topic-matter of your publication
• Create a plan for selling your book, inclusive of signings and supplemental marketing strategies that generate a buzz around you
• Weigh options for a book blog tour or in-person signings
• Book radio shows and additional media events (but first a PR professional will establish an irresistible press kit specific to you and your goals)
• Newsletter development and implementation so that you stay connected to your audience
• Advanced level article and press release marketing
• Create teleseminars and podcasts around your book.
• Curate excitement about your book, including book reviews and/or testimonials
• Brainstorming additional ways to leverage you, your personality, and your career path

Of course, every book is different, and things might be different and each authors’ needs will vary. Think about what your needs are and how some of the above suggestions could fit those needs.

Diana Ennen is the President of VirtualWordPublishing.com.

Holiday Marketing – Plan For Your Best Year Ever

Tis the season to go marketing, fa la la la la … la la la laHoliday Marketing

Why do I love holiday marketing so much?  Because it’s a great way to go into the New Year with more clients and more sales and at the same time, connect on a deeper level with your clients and potential clients. You get to wish them holiday cheer and talk about their plans for the holidays and upcoming year.  It’s more relaxed and low key and often the marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all, but more of a ‘Hi, how are you?”  No really, “Hi, how are you?  What are you doing for the holidays and how are you celebrating with your kids, etc.?”  You will soon get to the “What can do together in the new year,” but first, let’s get to know each other better.  Continue reading

Mompreneurs Magic – Tips to Create the Business of Your Dreams

facebook - successvatip (2)Mompreneurs Magic –  Tips to Create the Business of Your Dreams

A successful mompreneur is one who has taken her passion and what she loves to do and been able to make a successful business out of it. It’s not always about the money (although that helps) it’s more about having a business you are passionate about and one that helps others as well.  Be proud of your mompreneur title and the business and lifestyle you are achieving.

Tips to Running a Successful Home-Based Business:

Know that it takes commitment, dedication and passion.  There will be some rough days especially in the beginning, but it’s so worth it.  As long as you truly believe in your business and your services you’ll do great.

  • Do your research.  Read as much as you can and follow those in your industry who are doing it now.  There’s no reason to re-invent the wheel.  Social media has made it so much easier today.
  • Market aggressively.  And even when you get clients continue to market.  Too many make that mistake.  They get a client or two and then stop.  You want to always be out there so then you become known as the go-to person for those tasks.
  • Have a great website.  That says so much about your professionalism.  Most today will check out your site and social media before they hire you.  It’s well worth it to have a good one and with WordPress today, you can even create one yourself although I highly recommend getting it professionally done.
  • Brand yourself well.  It’s so easy to do by just having a consistent theme on your website, marketing, social media, proposals, etc.
  • Have a plan of action and stick to it.  So many go into business and just hope for the best.  Instead, plan for success.  Doesn’t need to be anything detailed, but write down your goals, how you are doing to do business, pricing, what you will offer, etc., and then write down actionable steps to achieve it.  Revisit this plan often.
  • While you are planning, implement a marketing plan and get really clear on who you want to work with and why it’s a good fit. It not only helps with marketing copy, but also provides confidence in your marketing as you know your own strengths and what you can do best.   (Want to see my marketing handout, email me and I’ll be happy to send it to you.  Diana@virtualwordpublishing.com)
  • Don’t delay doing a marketing plan because you feel it’s too technical or time-consuming.  Just do it!  But remember a marketing plan is not a one-time do it and forget about it.  You want to constantly update yours.
  • Do marketing you love! Don’t market and do things you should be doing because “others” tell you so.  If you aren’t comfortable doing it, you won’t do it often. Find what works for you and of that on a consistent basis.
  • Marketing via social media – Get creative on social media.  Be engaged.  It’s about relationship building.  Don’t just promote.  I see so many and it’s sell, sell, sell.  Yet, I haven’t connected with them enough to know why I would buy from them.  It’s a huge turnoff.  Yes, you do want to promote and talk about your business, but be their friend first.
  • Reach out.  I absolutely love it when someone connects with me and I can tell they really get me and truly have been following me and know about my books, services, etc. But be real.  For example, if you endorse someone on Linkedin and you’ve never worked with them before and have no idea of their skillset, you send the wrong message and a huge red flag.
  • Be careful on social media. Remember that often times long before someone hires you, they are following you and seeing what you offer.  If you are constantly complaining about too much work, not knowing how to do something, or lousy clients, guess what?  They are going to run and FAST!
  • More is not always better on social media.  It looks awesome to have thousands of fans, but if they aren’t loyal fans, it’s not doing to do much good.
  • My best secret for marketing success is to take one of my best articles,  develop a pitch and then sent it out to reporters, blog sites, etc. who might be interested.  It works! Plus, best yet is even months later you can hear back from someone who then has a need for your article and they want to connect.
  • Be consistent in your marketing. That’s one of the biggest mistakes I see.  Businesses go full steam ahead for a few weeks and then disappear for a few months and then go it again.  Some repeat this time and time again and what happens then is the next time you say, “I’m back.” No one cares.  OUCH!
  • Enjoy the successes, big or small.  When you do that, you feel that winning feeling and want to do more of it.
  • And finally, be that valuable resource that clients simply can’t do without.  Make those deadlines (and even get them done before they need to be done), do a great job, and always make your clients feel like they are your only clients.  Yes, they know you have others.  However, when you make them feel special, it just feels great and they want to work with you more.


Know there will be good days and bad days, but work to make sure you have more of the good ones. Love what you do and have fun.  There’s so many types of businesses you can do at home, choose one that works for you.  Continue to grow and learn along the way.  It’s important to keep up and it’s never been easier with so many offering free webinars and teleseminars and training.  And finally you need to always market your business even when you have a full client base.

So what is the future bring for mompreneurs? It’s just going to continue to get better and better.  Mompreneurs have been around for a long time.  However, the difference today is that they are so widely known and respected and it’s commonplace today to hire one.  Plus, social media has just opened up so many doors and enabled them to connect with their potential clients and clients in a way that didn’t exist before.  Just do it!

Diana Ennen is the President of Virtual Word Publishing, http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com offering PR and marketing services and also hosts PR classes through www.prsuccessseries.com.  She has been featured on Fox Business News, CBS, CNN Radio, USA Today, Woman’s World, Entrepreneur Magazine, Home Business Magazine and so many more.  She’s also the author of six books on starting your own business including the best-selling VA the Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA, Contact her at Diana@virtualwordpublishing.com or @dianaennen for a free PR Informational Package.


2014 Fall into Better Habits Giveaway

When we start out as business owners and entrepreneurs, we’re usually figuring things out as we go. We don’t know the best ways to manage every aspect of running a business, and sometimes we get stuck in different habits or routines that aren’t the most productive. Maybe we don’t know there’s a better way or maybe we’re just stuck in our ways.

With only a couple months left in the year, now is the perfect time to kick those bad business habits and be ready to start fresh in the new year. I’ve been invited to participate in the 2014 Fall into Better Habits Giveaway with ten other savvy business owners, who all specialize in different areas of running a business. We are giving away free trainings and resources in the form of ebooks, videos, worksheets and more. Here’s a taste of what you can get access to-

Find out how to attract an ideal client in just 5 minutes

  • Simplify WordPress and how to make it work for you
  • Put together a fantastic newsletter in 5 steps
  • Secrets for a social media strategy that sizzles

But don’t just take my word for it- go check it out for yourself at www.betterhabitsgiveaway.com. But hurry! This event ends at midnight on Sunday, November 2nd! Grab your free gifts before it’s too late!


Entrepreneur Tip – Balance

Many entrepreneurs struggle with this issue. How can you do it all?  With the challenges of running a successful business and family commitments , it can be a daunting task.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Here are a few recommendations to achieve more balance.  We hope you find them beneficial.

Balance Tips for Entrepreneurs

Utilize your calendars and to do lists daily – Your calendar and your to do list should be your best friend. I find that by keeping everything there I feel in more control and feel more empowered when I cross things off the list.  I also realize that I actually can finish all that I have to do when I write it down.  So often when it’s in my head I’m thinking it’s a billion times worse, but by writing it down I get that control. Plus, who doesn’t love checking things off.

Be sure to add in those long term projects and break them down into daily tasks. That’s how you can get more done.

Get organized – So simple, but so hard at the same time.  We all know most of the basic organizational tips, but try this as well. When you lose something or find you waste time needlessly, at that moment I stop and figure out how you can change things so it doesn’t continue on.  For example, here is one of my recent examples.  I’m a notebook gal.  When I talk to potential new clients, I always jot down notes and I have numerous notebooks just for potential client calls.  Great, I’ve got this. However, what happens when a client calls back and it’s been a while.  I have to go through all the notebooks to find our correspondence. Bummer, but there is an easy fix.  Now on the outside of all my notebooks, I also jot down all the potential clients that are included in that notebook. Now that seems simplistic. This might not be one of your challenges, but my point is to find problem areas in your business that lack organization or need help and seek out the solutions. And the best time to think about solution is right after it happens.

Create a ToubleShooting File or Document – Once again this seems so simplistic, but think back over the past year how much time you sent working on something that you had done before and had problems with, but just forgot the solution.   Have a file or notebook and then write things done.  Create a document where you outline the problem briefly, outline solutions, and then add any notes.  I can guarantee if you start this, this will become gold to you in the upcoming years.

Learn the art of saying NO! — We all know we need to say this more and believe me I’ve tried.  But somehow, it sure was easier for me to tell the next person that this is what they need to do than myself.  How did I get better at this?  Several ways.  First, before I commit, I ask if I can call them back. No more split second decisions that I regret later.  Then I review the options and put a time and money factor on things.  Today, I really value my time.  I love being able to enjoy making dinners and eating together at night.  I love not rushing through homework so I can leave the house to attend a meeting and I love making enough money so that we don’t worry so much about bills.  When I consider all that, it makes it easier to say, “Sorry I can’t do that now, but thank you so much for thinking of me.”

I hope you enjoyed my balancing tips. I’d love to hear yours!  Please do comment below. Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter where you can get regular PR and VA Tips.

Until next time. Happy Marketing  – Diana Ennen, Author: VA the Series, Become a Highly Successful Sought After VA


PR and Marketing Firm, Virtual Word Publishing Rebrands Adding VIP Days, PR Packages and More

Here’s our latest press release about our rebranding.  Love your thoughts!

PR and Marketing Firm, Virtual Word Publishing Rebrands Adding VIP Days, PR Packages and More

MARGATE, FL (May 2014):  Virtual Word Publishing, www.virtualwordpublishing.com has rebranded and is back better than ever.  In business since 1985 and offering PR and marketing services and PR Coaching and Classes to authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, coaches and more, Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing has been working on the rebranding process for over a year.

Ennen knows the right branding and marketing draws business in, rather than wastes countless hours chasing business down, and has been specializing in just that for clients, getting the right people to notice.  Through years of perfecting PR and marketing, Virtual Word Publishing has become the one-stop shop for those wanting to grow their business and get more sales and specializes in book marketing and getting media attention.  Ennen is also the author of several books including the best-selling Virtual Assistant the Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA.

One of the newest additions to go along with the rebranding has been the addition of PR and Virtual Assistant packages. A long time in coming for Ennen and often requested from clients and potential clients, Ennen is pleased to now offer new programs and many of her PR services and coaching programs are now packaged together.

Ennen is especially proud of these new programs including:

  • PR and Marketing Packages – Book marketing, pitching the media,   press release or article marketing campaigns, editing and proofing, social  media, etc., are just a few of the new PR packages.
  • VIP Days – Virtual days working one-on-one with Ennen where  businesses can either plan out an entire media campaign, write those press releases and articles, create pitches and secure databases to pitch to or grow their business by working together on what needs to be done.
  • Coaching – Now introducing six-month programs in addition to monthly  plans.  It takes time to grow a  business and nothing can help more than working side by side with a coach who knows exactly what is needed. Ennen is also opening this up for Virtual Assistant teams or Corporations as well.

The new branding of the website was done by the extraordinarily talented web designer, Nancy Seeger of Arts Assistance.  The key to an effective rebranding and new web design is when the web designer is able to capture the vision of the site and make that vision come to life, while adding in all the necessary website components including being mobile friendly.   Another key factor is designing the site to match the audience (target audience design) so when potential clients come to the site, they immediately feel at home.  Seeger did just that and so much more.

Ennen states, “I am so proud of the work I have done with clients in the past: getting them national media attention, growing their business, and more, but I’m so looking forward to the upcoming year and new programs.  Our focus remains the same—helping those grow their business, but we have perfected our methods to have even more success.”

Stop by http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com and let’s see how we can work together.  Also, be sure to sign up for Ennen’s PR tips and not only get our PR informational package, but PR tips regularly. For media interviews contact Ennen at diana@virtualwordpublishing.com

About:  Virtual Word Publishing has been in business since 1985 and specializes in PR and marketing and PR and Virtual Assistant Coaching and Classes.

Entrepreneur Tip – How to Kill the Competition

Entrepreneur Tip – How to Kill the Competition 

Oh boy oh boy.  There just appears to be more and more of them out there.  You know what I’m talking about .. more of those … your competition.  Those that are doing the same thing as you are. Those that offer similar services and from the looks of it, they are way more successful than you. What can you do?

Yes, it can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be.  You should embrace your completion and in doing so, you always come out on top.  Here are some ways to do just that.

How to kill the competition

Be the best.  I could almost stop right now as that’s the main thing.  By being the best and always offering exceptional service going over and above for your clients, you become the go to person in your industry.  Your clients will reward you with more work and definitely more referrals and most importantly when someone asks who can help with those tasks, you’re the name that first comes to mind.  The competition doesn’t stand a chance to get in on your territory.Let others know that you are the best.  Being the best is one thing, but if only you and your cat know, it’s not going to help.

You need to get out there and market.  Think how you feel when you see a competitor showing up on your google alerts. Well instead of being jealous, you should be out there also marketing so you too show up there. Also, be active online.  Potential clients are out there on social media, watching what you do, so be sure to get recognized.Develop your own style.  Sounds simple, but find what works for you and continue to do more of that.  Don’t change how you are doing things simply because it looks like that’s how THEY are doing it.  Be true to yourself and your skills and you’ll always come out on top.

Continue to grow. No matter how fabulous you are, it truly does help to continue to grow your skills and learn more.  Things are constantly changing and when you can stay on top of it, you win.

Work with your competition.  Say what????  Yes, you heard that right.  Build bonds with your competition. Often times you will discover that your competition truly isn’t your competition at all, but more of another business, offering similar services, who would love to connect. Work on building real relationships with them.  What you don’t want to do is go to them and say, “Hey I do the same thing.  Send me work!” YIKES.  Instead say, “Hey, I’m (insert name!).  I’ve heard a lot about you and it seems we offer similar services.  I’d love to know more about you and what we can do together.”

See how easy it is to kill your competition and hopefully these tips help. Love your thoughts as well. Post away!

Diana Ennen is the President of Virtual Word Publishing, http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com and co-author of So You Want To Be a Work-At-Home Mom: and VA the Series: Become a Highly Successful Sought After Virtual Assistant. Email her for her free PR Informational Package at Diana@virtualwordpublishing.com.  Posting is free to be reprinted as long as this bio remains.



PR Secrets You Need to Know!

facebook - entrepreneur tip - don't change your style - 5-5-2014PR Secrets You Need to Know!                      

• Develop your brand.  It’s important to have a consistent look throughout. Watch in the coming weeks as I do just that with my website, Facebook, Blog, Social Media, newsletter, etc.  It rocks!
• It’s okay to promote yourself online.  Toot your horn a little.  You can do this by congratulating a client when they land a big event.  Ex: “So proud of our client landing…” Or… “So proud of our client’s successful launch.” Just don’t go overboard.  It’s important to be able to show others you are the EXPERT!
• One of the things that I do for clients is to go to those magazines, websites, etc., and find topics for them.  For example, one of my clients wanted to get her business featured in top ranking magazines.  So I went to the top ranking business magazines in her industry and found articles they published in the last month or so to see what interested them. By doing this, I knew what was hot and newsworthy and we were then able to write on those topics.  It worked. (She was featured in Fast Company and had an feature article there.)  By providing article topics that are of interest and timely, you have a better chance of success.
• What is golden is when you then can find tropics that are covered in several media outlets.  When I saw a topic that was not only featured in one magazine, but multiple ones, I knew I was on to something.
• You want to be “the source” to be contacted with your PR.  How you do that is by consistently sending out great materials and building that relationship. Half of what I do is the follow-up once contacted.  I respond promptly.  I provide everything they need.  I also say we are available for additional things so that they know the scope of what we offer, etc.  And finally I encourage them to add us to their list of “sources.”
• Create Cision databases and keep updating them.  I am signed up with Cision.com, which is expensive, but worth it.  You get the editors at the papers, TV stations, blogs, etc., that count.  There are others as well.  The important thing is to find out how to pitch to the right people.  Those that will run your articles!  (BTW, one of our new services is providing Cision databases.  You develop the pitch and send it out.  We just help you with finding the right folks to send to.)
• Build your list. That’s your property.  No matter what happens on Facebook, Google, etc., that list is safe and secure!  Constantly see how you can improve upon it as well.
• Check your newsletter sign-ins and make sure it’s working.
• Create a Press Page.  You need to let others know what you have accomplished.  One lesson I learned was to create a PDF of your major media mention.  The site can change and if you just link to the site, you often lose your mention.  (Lessons learned the hard way on this one.  My “in the news page” is having to have a complete overhaul, because of this.  OOPS!  Thank goodness I advised my clients to always do this!)
• Once you get your client in the media, you need a plan of action once it hits … (add it to social media, blog about it, add it to your bio and templates for HARO and Profnet, perhaps write a press release on it, etc.)  The reason this is so important is because first you will get more exposure for it as some might not have seen it, but also if the reporter gets more likes and shares, they are going to remember you and come back to you often.  Also, by adding it to your bio and future media, you might secure even more because they see you as “In the news.”
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