Entrepreneur Tip – How to Kill the Competition

Entrepreneur Tip – How to Kill the Competition 

Oh boy oh boy.  There just appears to be more and more of them out there.  You know what I’m talking about .. more of those … your competition.  Those that are doing the same thing as you are. Those that offer similar services and from the looks of it, they are way more successful than you. What can you do?

Yes, it can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be.  You should embrace your completion and in doing so, you always come out on top.  Here are some ways to do just that.

How to kill the competition

Be the best.  I could almost stop right now as that’s the main thing.  By being the best and always offering exceptional service going over and above for your clients, you become the go to person in your industry.  Your clients will reward you with more work and definitely more referrals and most importantly when someone asks who can help with those tasks, you’re the name that first comes to mind.  The competition doesn’t stand a chance to get in on your territory.Let others know that you are the best.  Being the best is one thing, but if only you and your cat know, it’s not going to help.

You need to get out there and market.  Think how you feel when you see a competitor showing up on your google alerts. Well instead of being jealous, you should be out there also marketing so you too show up there. Also, be active online.  Potential clients are out there on social media, watching what you do, so be sure to get recognized.Develop your own style.  Sounds simple, but find what works for you and continue to do more of that.  Don’t change how you are doing things simply because it looks like that’s how THEY are doing it.  Be true to yourself and your skills and you’ll always come out on top.

Continue to grow. No matter how fabulous you are, it truly does help to continue to grow your skills and learn more.  Things are constantly changing and when you can stay on top of it, you win.

Work with your competition.  Say what????  Yes, you heard that right.  Build bonds with your competition. Often times you will discover that your competition truly isn’t your competition at all, but more of another business, offering similar services, who would love to connect. Work on building real relationships with them.  What you don’t want to do is go to them and say, “Hey I do the same thing.  Send me work!” YIKES.  Instead say, “Hey, I’m (insert name!).  I’ve heard a lot about you and it seems we offer similar services.  I’d love to know more about you and what we can do together.”

See how easy it is to kill your competition and hopefully these tips help. Love your thoughts as well. Post away!

Diana Ennen is the President of Virtual Word Publishing, http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com and co-author of So You Want To Be a Work-At-Home Mom: and VA the Series: Become a Highly Successful Sought After Virtual Assistant. Email her for her free PR Informational Package at Diana@virtualwordpublishing.com.  Posting is free to be reprinted as long as this bio remains.



Do it Yourself Publicity – Yes You Can!

I am going to start a series of tips on “do it yourself publicity.”  Hope you find them beneficial.  Today’s tip is on utilizing Google Adwords to find keywords to use.  If you have additional recommendations.  I’d love to hear them.  Thanks!  Diana


Are you finally ready to start seeing results from your marketing efforts?  Marketing your business can be challenging and there always seems to be something else that you need to know in order to succeed.  The good news is that with continuing doing easy steps it can be done.

Today we will talk about doing more with Google Adwords.

We all know the importance of finding the right keywords, but do you know exactly how far you can go with them?  For example, say you have a Google Adword Campaign.  With the campaign it tells you how much each of your keywords cost to get front-page status.  Now in your Google Keyword campaign you want to find the best keyword at the right price with the right ad to keep your adword campaign within budget.  However, you can take it to the next level by seeing which of these keywords cost more. You’re your keywords are generally seventy-five cents to a dollar.  But you see several keywords that cost $15.00 to use.  Now if your budget allows you could use that highly sought-after keyword, but what else you can do is to take that keyword and write an article on it (with that keyword in the title), use it on blog titles and postings, etc.  This allows you to get “organic traffic.”

I will also often use the same keywords in the title of my article as I do in my Google Adword campaign.  So say someone sees my article, they might also look over and see my ad as well.  Then they think, wow this person has it together!!  Let’s work with her.

Tell us your Google tips!  Love to hear them.





PR Tips from our Press Release Writing Call

During the free press release writing call last week I asked if people would tweak a tip they got. Here are a few of them.


My tip is regarding coming up with the title for the PR – I skip writing the title all together until I’ve written the release. Then, I can look at the direction the release actually took, and using the keywords, go back and come up with a better title than if I do that first. It saves me a little time, since the beginning title is rarely ever the one I end up with.

My other tip is to have a great PR coach backing you up! — Marilyn Stafford, www.alliancevs.com

For less procrastination & more consistency, create a standard press release template, plus a press release ideas folder!
Keep your press releases short & sweet, between 350-600 (preferably 400-425) words…and make EVERY word count!

Martina Srblin, Money Coach & Creator of the “10 Steps to Business Stardom” System, themultipassionateentrepreneur.com

As the owner of an online store that sells skin care products, I wasn’t entirely sure how to incorporate press releases into my website, nor was I sure how I would even begin one. So I listened in on Diana Ennen’s Press Release Writing 101 Class. What I came away with was two pages of notes, and the confidence to put my writing skills to work to give exposure to my business.

A few tips I learned:
keywords are vital: you get returns in the form of Google searches and the best title is catchy and incorporate your keyword(s)
don’t forget the call to action paragraph your press release can go into your media kit make your media kit in a Q & A format.
Now I have several ideas to work into a pitch – I’ll bet my community would like to find out if a family can make it on a mom’s online side business when Dad gets laid off from HP (we’ve got a story there), or how a local family can get their 8 children involved in a family business, or how a local mom turns a summer of selling at the local farmer’s market into an online business, or how a home business takes off when they find the secret to blog advertising… I get it now, Diana! Thanks!

Renee Harris
MadeOn Hard Lotion


For your PR, use holidays to tie in with your product or service to have a newsworthy event. – Megan Barber http://www.barbervasolutions.com


Use holidays to tie in your product or service to create a newsworthy event for your PR

Don’t be a 1 pitch hitter! You want to be writing a PR once a month

Keep your PR energized, not flowery (stay away from advertising)

– Stephanie Fish, Buckeyeva.com


Great tips from today’s press release call! My fave-the importance of having keywords in 1st 4 words of your title. Sharon Towsley – www.maydayva.com


You have a boatload of energy and great ideas…thank you for today’s session!


Effective publicity requires that you:
Articulate the value of what you offer, i.e. why does your product/service matter? What does it change, transform, solve?

Jane O. Smith, Maryland

The tip: Create a file folder on your computer to store press releases and write ideas as they pop up! (I liked this one)! **I have random ideas that pop up all the time** So great!

Sharon Mobley

Awesome tips! BTW, sign up now for the PR Success Series. It starts this Wednesday. http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com/blank.htm

Top Twitter and Blogging Tips

Ten Twitter Tips For Work-at-Home Moms

Social Media is quickly growing into one of the most-used marketing tools for work-at-home moms. One of the largest social media websites, Twitter.com, can be an effective way to spread the word about your business and learn from other top representatives in your business niche. However, it can take a lot of time to determine the best ways to use Twitter effectively for business. Below are ten tips to help shorten that learning curve.

1. Choose a Meaningful User name
If possible, grab your business name as well as your own name for use on Twitter. Having an easy-to-find and easy-to-remember username is essential.

2. Brand your Twitter page
Don’t leave your Twitter page boring and plain – spice it up. Make sure you add your logo, contact information and any other inform ation that will be helpful for customers and visitors to your page. You can use a website such as TwitBacks.com to create a free or very low-cost background to bring life to your page.

3. Learn the Lingo
Twitter can be very useful, but it can also be very frustrating … especially if you have no idea what all those little symbols mean that fly across the screen. Take the time to research the meanings of the tags most often used on Twitter. One great place to do so is right on Twitter itself: http://help.twitter.com/portal

4. Follow industry leaders
Veteran entrepreneur Diana Ennen shares this tip: “I love to follow industry experts on Twitter and gain all their business insight.  It’s almost like being right there in their office and getting in on their trade secrets.  Not only do they post tips and how to information, but often share their business successes and mistakes and that allows me to learn from them.  It ‘s so worth it!”

5. Interact
Don’t be shy! Take a few minutes each day to comments on what others are discussing or to throw out a question or idea. You never know when a topic is going to spark a response and help you build relationships with customers and your fellow Twitter users.

6. Don’t make it all business news – be YOU
It’s great to share about the things going on in your business and you certainly will want to share specials, discounts and other items of interest to your customers. However, as a small business owner you have the unique ability to put a personal face on your business. Let your customers and readers get to know a little about you as well as your business.

7. Run Contests
Twitter is a great fast-paced way to a run a contest. By having a great prize you can create a viral network of “tweets” about your company and the giveaway you’re holding. Sit down beforehand and plan out some great 140 character tweets that you can use throughout the giveaway time – whether that be minutes, hours or even days.

8. Share
Make your Twitter feed a worthwhile read for your customers. Share tips that apply to your target market, links to articles and other informational tidbits. Create a #hashtag for your business or topic (see #3 above) so that you can track re-tweets and mentions of your posts.

9. Be Thankful
A great way to make friends and build contacts is to thank others who re-tweet (RT) your posts. Send a shout-out saying thanks or feature them at special times like FriendFriday (#FF). They’ll know that you’re grateful and you’ll build a community that supports you – and each other.

10. Promote Others
Contrary to popular belief it IS in your best interest to work together with other entrepreneurs and to help spread the word about great things that they may be doing. Not only will people be drawn to your Twitter feed for great information, but they will see that you’re willing to share about more than your own interests. Another great benefit is that those you help promote will one day be there to help promote you as well.

Twitter is a great marketing tool for work-at-home moms. It can help drive traffic to your website as well as aid you in building relationships with your target market. Use the tips above to help guide you in how to best use social media to benefit your business and your customers.

Jill Hart is the founder of the popular Christian work-at-home website CWAHM.com. Jill is also the co-author of So You Want To Be a Work-at-Home Mom (Beacon Hill Press) with Diana Ennen. Hart and Ennen are also hosting monthly teleseminars to help entrepreneurs  http://tinyurl.com/2c9vlo9. Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

Three Tips To Get You Started Blogging for Business

Over the last several years blogging has become the foundation for social media campaigns of businesses big and small. Where Facebook and Twitter help keep companies in the limelight, spreading the word about special events, discounts and newsworthy items, blogs are the place where companies build their reputation and make sales.

As popular as blogging has become, I often hear from home-based business owners who are trying to figure out exactly what a blog consists of and how they can use one to benefit their business. Below are three tips that can help maximize the impact of your business blog.

1. It’s All In The Name

Be sure to choose a name for your blog that is both descriptive and easy to remember. Try to stick to either your business name or the name of your star product/service. If none of these are available consider using your name or business tagline.  Also, consider possibly adding in your keywords … such as Publicity Virtual Assistant.

2. Use Keywords Effectively

When you write posts for your business blog be conscious of the words that you choose. Pepper your posts with keywords relating to your business, products, services and brand. These keywords will trigger Search Engine results and help you reach the top of the results for your keywords. Be careful not to overuse keywords, though, because readers will get frustrated  and the Search Engines consider that against the rules. Also, consider keyword phrases – often called long tail keyword phrases (why, I’m not sure!).  Long tail keywords are simply a sting of words that make up a phrase that represent your keywords. Think, what would people type in Google to find me.  Examples, “how to start a business.”  Think … how can I define my blog more (or this particular post). I wrote this blog post on … (fill in the blank), now what keywords do I need to put in so others can find me?

3. Quality Information (No Fluff!) & Fresh, Regular Content

Another thing to consider when writing business blog posts is to keep your posts informational. The more quality content you offer to readers, the more often they will visit your blog. Also, by posting regularly your readers will get to know the schedule and tend to visit your blog on a regular basis because of it.  You know your audience best.  What do they want to hear?  Need to hear? Solve that problem that you’ve been having and you know others are having too.  Consider adding in reviews, recommendations, etc.  Your blog can be so much more than you talking about your business.  What fun thing can you add?  Contest, giveaways, etc.

There are many ways to use a blog for business use. If used correctly, a blog can be a terrific tool to inform potential customers of your business. Be sure to update your blog regularly so that the content remains fresh and people coming back for more great information.

*Tips from Jill Hart of Cwahm.com and Diana Ennen of VirtualWordPublishing.com. These tips can be used if you include this short bio.


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