PR Success tip – Wake up Your Marketing Efforts NOW!!

So now that fall is here and summer is over, it’s time to GET inspired again. I thought you might enjoy some ways to wake up your marketing ….

ZZZ .. ZZZZZ … ZZZZZZZZZ … Ever felt that way after reading someone’s newsletter or blog? You painfully read though it because, well there might be something good in there you need to know and they usually have good things to share. So you bite the bullet and read it. But then next week, ZZZ, ZZZZ, ZZZZZZZ it happens again. Okay, you’ll give them one last chance, but that’s it.

Guys, this should be a wake-up call. Are you putting your audience to sleep just to get content out there or are you truly giving them something of value. It’s time to stop and truly reflect on this. And more importantly, it’s time to take action.
Here are some action steps to consider:

• Energy … when someone reads your blog posting or your newsletter, they want to be inspired. They want to act now and do whatever you recommend. Take a few seconds and look over your past few newsletters, have you been able to do that? What can you do differently to energize your audience?

• Success … Happiness … Money … Power … (Stop me now!) Okay, those words normally do get your attention. We want more success. We definitely want more money and power. And who doesn’t want more happiness both in business and personal life. Okay. You need to write with these topics in mind and give real advice. Not all that blah blah blah stuff. Real actionable steps. Think of your audience and how you can help them. Now one thing, you don’t have to actually be writing articles on success or happiness or money, but in the material you write, add in tips to achieve it.

• Image – Start revamping. Review your website, blog, Facebook, etc. Can it use a little touch-up? This is one area that I hope you will start seeing some progress from me over the next few months. I did this step. I looked over my blog, my Twitter, my website, and what I discovered didn’t make me happy. I need a complete branding facelift. Stay tuned!!

• Be accountable. See what I just did there. I told someone about an action step I plan on taking. Now in a couple months if you don’t see results, hopefully you will come back and me and say, “hey what’s up?” Don’t be afraid to put it out there.

You can so do this. Remember too, we are here to help. Contact me if you’d need a coach to help you to go the next level in your business.

Business S&M Telesummit

Join me .. For the Business S&M Telesummit

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 – 6PM – 7PM Eastern

Shortcuts to Marketing Your Business To Keep it Thriving In the Least Amount of Time

We all know that to be successful you need to keep your name out there and continually market. But often times with the stress of running your business, marketing gets put on the back burner. I’m going to show you how you can create a plan and work that plan so that every week you continue to grow your business AND get everything done you need to. You’ll still be doing your article and press release marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, etc., but in considerably less time.
Fortunately today there are tools available to do it. You just need to know how to use them effectively and the right ones for your business. Also, it’s important to realize what types of marketing works best. I’ll be showing you all that and so much more. Plus, I’ll be throwing in some amazing marketing secrets too. I love PR and I love the results you can get when done right. Let me show you just how YOU TOO can do it.

Get More PR Now – The Publicity Virtual Assistant Success Series Continues

Get More PR Now – The Publicity Virtual Assistant Success Series Continues

Have you ever read a great press release and wondered how it is done? Or perhaps you’ve seen an author comment on how their books started selling and thought, what did they do to achieve that success?  The answer is simple.  They teamed up with a publicity virtual assistant who is handling all their PR Marketing needs.  That’s right!  A publicity virtual assistant is the one who is helping them get more PR by writing and sending out all those press releases, taking over their social media campaign, setting up and maintaining book blog tours, and pitching the media.   I bet you wish you had one right now!

Fortunately Virtual Word Publishing, is proud to offer the Publicity Virtual Assistant Summer Success Series.   The series is intended to help virtual assistants master their publicity skills so they can offer that niche to clients, but it’s also a great resource for those that want to learn how to get more publicity on their own.  The series will cover how to write articles, press releases and blogs, how to pitch to the media, master social networking for your marketing campaign, and so much more.   The program will also offer insights into how a publicity virtual assistant can be a valuable and affordable addition to your business.

The classes will be held for the next 5 Tuesdays at 2:00 P.M. EST and all classes are recorded so you can download and listen at your convenience.  As a bonus you can now receive the audio to the free call that discussed 5 ways to get more PR, 3 secrets to pitching the media and mistakes often made in getting PR.  Simply contact Diana Ennen at for that recording.  All of this and more for just $99.00. (Early bird special for $69.00 ends June 20th.)

Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing, will be teaching the classes.  Ennen specializes in publicity and marketing and has appeared or gotten her clients in such major media as USA Today, Woman’s World, Fox News, CNN Radio, Reader’s Digest, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and so many more.   Ennen is also available to handle your PR campaigns if you’d prefer to let a pro take over.

If you need help with your PR Campaign and want to learn how to write killer press releases, articles, and blogs, then sign up now.   For more information contact Ennen at Virtual Word Publishing or email her at

Publicity Virtual Assistant – That’s me

I often get asked, what exactly do you do? I’m proud to say I’m a publicity virtual assistant. What does that mean? I help authors, small businesses, online businesses, etc. with their PR campaigns. From sending out press releases to preparing a full media campaign, I work one-on-one with clients to make a difference. As a published author myself, I think that adds a lot to what I’m able to do. Being a writer, I can create great materials that work.

Who can use a publicity VA? Everyone! Who doesn’t need more help with their marketing.

Interested? Email me at and take advantage of our summer specials. $10.00 off our hourly retainer rates. Also, no minimum retainer requirements. Act soon though. We fill up quickly.

Thanks! Diana Ennen

Virtual Assistants Excel in the Publicity and Marketing Niche

We all realize how Virtual Assistants have revolutionized the way we work today. Most businesses now count on their Virtual Assistant the same as they used to count on their secretaries, only so much more. VAs are a prized and respected part of their client’s team, and unlike secretaries, who often were taken for granted, Virtual Assistants are praised for their professionalism and skills. Most businesses today can’t imagine where they would be without their VA. And as the potential for success in a virtual assistant business continues to explode, so does the need for good Virtual Assistants.

Today’s Virtual Assistants need to take pride in their business and also to learn as much as they can about their niche, which is the specialty they have chosen to specialize in. One niche that I highly recommend is to offer publicity and marketing services to clients. This is an area that is growing in leaps and bounds as more and more authors, businesses, and other professionals realize the need to market their business to get good publicity. A business can expand tremendously when hiring a Virtual Assistant to help them spread the word about their products or services. Also, authors today aren’t aware that once they write a book, that’s when the real work begins. They need to get the word out about their book in order for it to be successful. That’s where a good Publicity Virtual Assistant comes in.

Publicity and marketing is thrilling to say the least. There’s such a great rush when your client gets recognized in national magazines, or a TV station wants to do a segment on them and you helped them achieve this success. Or better yet, when your efforts start resulting in substantial increased sales for them. Clients will not only keep using your services, but also tell others about this new positive addition they have to their business. And best yet, you too get to feel that satisfaction as you are helping them achieve their goals.

One of my most successful tips is learning how to effectively use any publicity that a client receives. When clients get national attention in a magazine, newspaper, or TV Segment, or even on a popular website, it’s important to make sure that everyone is aware of this. A press release should immediately go out to announce their accomplishment. This release should be added to their website and also should go to all their local papers, radio stations, and TV networks. Media loves to highlight a success story of their locals, so make sure you get this out there as soon as you can. And you don’t have to wait for the publicity to happen. If your client lands a major TV segment, you can start sending this press out beforehand in order to get more media for when the event happens. You just want to make sure that the client is fairly confident the segment will air. Also, don’t worry if the segment gets bumped back, that often happens as breaking news takes priority. This can almost be a blessing, as then you get to do more publicity before the airdate.

It’s also important to follow-up with the reporters and let them know how much you appreciate the acceptance of your quotes for an article. When you go the extra step to show them your appreciation, they remember you when the next article comes up and they need help with more expert advice. Many reporters work for multiple magazines so one good ally can lead to lots of media exposure. Always keep your PR hat on. Learn to take any situation and turn it into good press for your clients and your business as well. Stay on top of current events and see if you have anything to offer. Whenever a story hits the press that any of my clients would have a connection to, I’ll send it right away. Having press releases already prepared for clients on their business is always a great help. How do you know about these events? Sign up for Google Alerts under the topics of interest and then whenever a story is written, you can follow-up with your press release or article to the reporter. It works! I also use ProfNet from PRNewswire, which allows me to get daily leads from major news outlets. You can also consider PRLeads.

It’s also important to learn how to write a good press release and article and also where to send those. Make sure that your press releases and articles are newsworthy and also something that interests the readers. When I write a release, I always think would I read this release? Would it interest me? If not, I doubt your target audience would be reading it either. Plus, be careful to sound too promotional. You can easily get your message across without sounding like an ad.

Publicity is a great niche for Virtual Assistants. To learn more stop by my site at or contact me for a free 10 minute call on PR tips or my free PR Informational Package.


Diana Ennen and Kelly Poelker are the co-authors of numerous books including Virtual Assistant: the Series, Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA and accompanying Virtual Assistant the Series Workbook, and Virtual Assistant – The Series: Working Virtually, A Guide to Working Remotely as an Employee. For complete information on starting your own VA business stop by and Article is free to be reprinted as long as the author’s bio remains intact.

Social Networking Changed it All

Hope you like my latest article. Please pass it along! Diana Ennen

Social Networking Changed Everything – The New Marketing & PR Model

It’s pretty obvious that the marketing of today has changed. You have newspapers going virtual/web only, Twitter and Facebook replacing postcards and phone calls, and potential clients now being the main target of your press releases as opposed to editors. It’s all changing and to do PR today, you need to change with it. The good news is that it’s never been easier. The bad news, you need to learn a new way to do things. Fortunately, there are tips that can make it easier and I’m here to show you a few.

First, no one can deny the power of social networking. And those that do are just plain wrong. I’ve been in business since 1985 and I liken this to way back when emails became a way of life. Many still contended they wanted to do it the old fashioned way and nothing would beat a letter. (I know it’s hard to even imagine this today.) It wasn’t long until they realized their error, but by then their competition was way ahead of them. Don’t make the same mistake now. You absolutely need to get with it and get on board. I can practically guarantee you within weeks you’ll be hooked and wondering why you ever hesitated. It’s so easy, and the potential so great, you need to start today.

Let’s break it down. Twitter first. Forget all the “I don’t care what they ate for lunch excuses,” that’s where your competition and peers are and you do need to be there too. Sure you do have a few tweeters who will update you on the latest hot dog they ate, but that’s rare. What you do have is more and more businesses networking and connecting with each other in ways never thought possible. It’s also more than just networking back and forth, you can have chats, host events, get more publicity for your articles and press releases & even announce your seminars and radio shows. And that’s not even the half of it. There are entire books written on this, so my first recommendation is to get them. Why struggle and find your way around when you can easily read the tips from those who know exactly what you need to succeed.

Also, while you are getting your feet wet, don’t jump in and start posting and selling and ranting and raving. Take it slow. Sign up, take a sit, remain quiet for a short time and read what others are posting. Follow the leaders in your industry and take advantage of their knowledge. It can almost feel like walking around with them all day and looking over their shoulders for their secrets. What’s cool is they give their tips freely, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? As an example, if someone were looking for information on starting a virtual assistant business or getting publicity for their business, they could follow me at

Now the key many forget is that not only do you need to follow them, you need to listen earnestly to what they are saying. Go to the sites they recommend. Actually do the things they suggest. And most importantly, if you have the opportunity to contribute and honestly have something of importance to say, do! Even if they aren’t following you, once you list their twitter name @name, it will go to them. Best yet, you might get a retreat or even better a RT and follow back. As many say, those are the ultimate compliments.

Now it’s important to learn the social media lingo – Hashtags, Retweets, Fans, Follow Friday, this is just a few of the many names you need to know to do business better. It can be overwhelming. No, in fact it is overwhelming. However, if you keep it simple and take it a step at a time, you can do it. When you see a term you don’t know, look it up right then. Write down your interpretation and do the investigating to find out more about it. Here are just a few to help you on your journey.

What’s a retweet? That’s when you find somone’s information useful and you want to pass it onto your followers. So basically RT (retweet) is good content that you pass on. Many RT just to RT. Don’t be one of them. You know your followers and what they want and need, that’s what you should be RT’ing. We highly recommend signing up for TweetDeck for ease in doing this. A click of a button and you are there.

Next you need to know about Follow Friday. This is definitely one of my favorites. Think of Follow Friday as your day networking at a business get-together, only better. You get to stay in the comfort of your own home, and you get to immediately make the connections, not when you get home with a handful of business cards. Try and plan your week so you can participate. Remember this can be even more effective than a Chamber meeting or an expensive business seminar. So plan a lighter load on Friday whenever possible. You want people to mention you so mention them. Also, don’t just list 20 screens of twitter names that you want people to follow. Tell your followers why they should follow them. What do they offer that your followers would be interested in? Remember to put #followfriday in your posting. (By the way, see that # in followfriday. That’s what is called a hashtag. Cool huh!) And finally, you want people to retweet your followfriday postings, so keep your count to 120 instead of 140 so they can easily do this. In fact, do this for all tips or postings you wanted retweeted.

Finally, try and post on Friday mornings. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll often go down my postings to find those I want to list. I know I want to list them before hand so it’s not that I’m just going down my friends column, but often times I don’t have their information readily available. By posting on Friday you are giving it to them.

Finally, sign up for Trilalerts for your keywords. Start following those of interest. For example, I’m a virtual assistant, so I’ve signed up for virtual assistant updates. Now I can follow other virtual assistants easily. I do the same for Publicity, etc. Who do you want to connect with? That’s who you sign up for. Follow the media. Sign up for Facebook and Twitter for the newspapers and TV stations in your area. Look for business reporters who tweak and follow them. Learn their style and what they are looking for in their articles.

Also, follow some of the owners of the many article and press release directories who tweet. Some of the best are on there and giving away secrets to success left and right.

Facebook is pretty self explanatory. The key here is to spend some time to expand your network. Fortunately you get notices when someone responds to your posts, so try and go and follow-up as soon as you can. However, be careful that you don’t get sidetracked doing this too often. Build relationships. You can have thousands of friends and fans, but can you honestly connect to all of them. I know I sure can’t. Twitter also now allows your tweets to be sent to your Facebook page too. This is definitely a plus. Just make sure that you don’t do this to all of your postings, only the ones you feel would interest your friends on Facebook.

Article Submissions, Press Release Submissions – I also say you need to send out articles and press releases religiously. Many question how some succeed with this and others don’t. What’s the difference? The main thing is that they know what to do. They realize the difference that page ranking can make and don’t waste their time on sites that don’t get results. They sign up for Google Alerts under their keywords and then check out the sites that frequently get spidered. Then they send to those places and add those sites to their database. We do have a fabulous PR informational package that is free to anyone who emails us.

Marketing a business and social networking doesn’t have to be expensive if you just remember to network and use all the tools available to you. In fact, it can be fun as you get to meet new people and develop new ways to sell you and your business. Also, keep in mind if you don’t want to do it yourself, there are excellent qualified pros and virtual assistants available to assist. You don’t need to do it all. You just need to do it!


Diana Ennen, specializes in publicity and marketing and is the President of Virtual Word Publishing, and author of numerous books. Ready to jumpstart your PR campaign, then email her at Free PR Informational Package available. Twitter – . Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.