Social media Marketing Tips – These work!

Want to get more engagement out of your social media.  These tips work!

  • Have a Plan Work that Plan – The key is to be consistent. Don’t stop, start, start back up again, etc. Be consistent in your postings.  For example, I share tips, reviews, images, articles from publications, any media I get, what events I’m doing, tips from others, etc.)
  • Review Your Plan & Make Changes – Constantly review your SM marketing and make changes .. Just one might be .. finding out when your people are on SM by reviewing your insights and then sending more during that time.
  • Use Your Profiles –Use appropriate keywords to describe what you do in your profiles. Does your LinkedIn Profile sound like the same person as your Twitter Profile?  It should! Don’t be two different people online!
  • Post #PRTips, #VATips, #BookMarketing tips – Remember to include those tips that will reach your target audience. Also, set up columns so you can see what others post under these hashtags and repost some of their tips as well.
  • Do not run the same postings over and over again. Yes, you can use ones you’ve used before, but don’t do same ones repeatedly.  It  makes you appear lazy!
  • Facebook Ads – They work!  You get to set the budget, target the audience & more. You get more people to your page & you get ads that promote your events or services.
  • Images count. Use a great image, compelling message, call to action, etc.  Start noticing the ads that you see.  What is it about them that stands out?
  • You can send people to your website or your Facebook page. Decide which you want? I normally do a combination of both.
  • Use the editor to fine tune your audience. One thing I discovered is that you can “Type in possibilities” and it will show what’s available. Say .. Entrepreneurs, business owners, romance novels, etc.
  • Boosted Posts – Just hit promote this post. Bamm…it’s done! More likes=more engagement. Promote the posts that get the most responses and the ones that mention your newsletter, your specials, etc. (Not the ones that Facebook recommends.)
  • Promote the good stuff.

Diana Ennen of Virtual Word Publishing, This article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

Entrepreneurs – Small Business Owners – When is it time to hire a PR Coach

If you have been diligently trying to build your brand and client base, you know how tough it can be to market and grow without a solid marketing plan. While you may have thought as soon as your website went live and you handed out business cards that clients would be rolling in, you soon discovered there was more to it than that.

You may be an expert in your field, but unless you get out there and market, most won’t know about you.  That’s where a PR coach can help. A PR Coach has been trained to help your business grow, get your name out there, and build your client base. Following are just a few things a PR Coach can do. Continue reading

PR in Today’s Economy – Businesses Learning to Master PR Themselves

PR in Today’s Economy – Businesses Learning to Master PR Themselves

Today’s economy has made more and more businesses forego marketing because of economic concerns. At a time when businesses should be doing more marketing, many are losing clients and sales because of the expense of hiring a PR professional or losing the assistance of a marketing department due to budget cuts. Fortunately, on February 1 that changes. Beginning on that date, authors and businesses will be able to discover the techniques needed to get great publicity by attending the Publicity Success Series

The Publicity Success Series is intended to help businesses master PR skills and get the publicity needed to succeed. The same techniques that the marketing department used to handle is now being taught by public relations specialist, Diana Ennen. Ennen states that over the last few years, a clear new role is emerging where businesses are required to handle more and more marketing tasks. Many businesses just aren’t equipped to do it right. But by learning the basics to writing and distributing press releases, mastering social media, understanding the secrets to pitching the media and more, businesses will now be competing and getting the word out about products and services and get great results.

Ennen has been successfully getting PR for clients for 25 years and has received or secured clients media mentions in such major media as USA Today, Woman’s World, Fox News, CNN Radio, Reader’s Digest, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and so many more. Ennen is eager to reveal the secrets to success.

Ruth Martin of MapleWood Virtual Assistant had this to say about the Publicity Success Series. “Diana covers how to pitch concisely written and topic focused ideas for optimum exposure. It’s like having your very own coach guiding you through the hurdles towards the ultimate goal of getting more PR.”

The classes take place weekly starting on February 1st. All classes are recorded and available via download to listen at any time. Email assistance is also available throughout the course.

For more information contact Ennen at or email directly at For those that want to hire a PR professional, Ennen is also available.

PR Tips from our Press Release Writing Call

During the free press release writing call last week I asked if people would tweak a tip they got. Here are a few of them.


My tip is regarding coming up with the title for the PR – I skip writing the title all together until I’ve written the release. Then, I can look at the direction the release actually took, and using the keywords, go back and come up with a better title than if I do that first. It saves me a little time, since the beginning title is rarely ever the one I end up with.

My other tip is to have a great PR coach backing you up! — Marilyn Stafford,

For less procrastination & more consistency, create a standard press release template, plus a press release ideas folder!
Keep your press releases short & sweet, between 350-600 (preferably 400-425) words…and make EVERY word count!

Martina Srblin, Money Coach & Creator of the “10 Steps to Business Stardom” System,

As the owner of an online store that sells skin care products, I wasn’t entirely sure how to incorporate press releases into my website, nor was I sure how I would even begin one. So I listened in on Diana Ennen’s Press Release Writing 101 Class. What I came away with was two pages of notes, and the confidence to put my writing skills to work to give exposure to my business.

A few tips I learned:
keywords are vital: you get returns in the form of Google searches and the best title is catchy and incorporate your keyword(s)
don’t forget the call to action paragraph your press release can go into your media kit make your media kit in a Q & A format.
Now I have several ideas to work into a pitch – I’ll bet my community would like to find out if a family can make it on a mom’s online side business when Dad gets laid off from HP (we’ve got a story there), or how a local family can get their 8 children involved in a family business, or how a local mom turns a summer of selling at the local farmer’s market into an online business, or how a home business takes off when they find the secret to blog advertising… I get it now, Diana! Thanks!

Renee Harris
MadeOn Hard Lotion


For your PR, use holidays to tie in with your product or service to have a newsworthy event. – Megan Barber


Use holidays to tie in your product or service to create a newsworthy event for your PR

Don’t be a 1 pitch hitter! You want to be writing a PR once a month

Keep your PR energized, not flowery (stay away from advertising)

– Stephanie Fish,


Great tips from today’s press release call! My fave-the importance of having keywords in 1st 4 words of your title. Sharon Towsley –


You have a boatload of energy and great ideas…thank you for today’s session!


Effective publicity requires that you:
Articulate the value of what you offer, i.e. why does your product/service matter? What does it change, transform, solve?

Jane O. Smith, Maryland

The tip: Create a file folder on your computer to store press releases and write ideas as they pop up! (I liked this one)! **I have random ideas that pop up all the time** So great!

Sharon Mobley

Awesome tips! BTW, sign up now for the PR Success Series. It starts this Wednesday.

Business S&M Telesummit

Join me .. For the Business S&M Telesummit

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 – 6PM – 7PM Eastern

Shortcuts to Marketing Your Business To Keep it Thriving In the Least Amount of Time

We all know that to be successful you need to keep your name out there and continually market. But often times with the stress of running your business, marketing gets put on the back burner. I’m going to show you how you can create a plan and work that plan so that every week you continue to grow your business AND get everything done you need to. You’ll still be doing your article and press release marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, etc., but in considerably less time.
Fortunately today there are tools available to do it. You just need to know how to use them effectively and the right ones for your business. Also, it’s important to realize what types of marketing works best. I’ll be showing you all that and so much more. Plus, I’ll be throwing in some amazing marketing secrets too. I love PR and I love the results you can get when done right. Let me show you just how YOU TOO can do it.