PR Success Series – Marketing Tips 101

Who’s ready to get back into marketing their business?  It’s time to get busy and there’s no better way than with tips from a pro, like me!  Here are some of my best tips to market your business and build your brand.

Marketing Tips 101

  • Define your business. In order to do this, you must know and understand who you are and who your clients are. Then you get to talk their language with all your marketing.
  • Make sure your “brand” is fully developed. Take a minute here.  If people were to ask what you do, what would you tell them?  This should come off your lips as fast as ice cream melts in the hot summer sun in S. Florida.
  • Create a complete “Marketing Plan.” This is a plan that you will follow.  Nothing fancy, just some good old fashioned ideas that makes your company stand out among the competition and brings those clients and cash (cha ching!)
  • Become an expert and use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc.) to prove you are a rock star. Don’t boost, just provide great tips that show you know your stuff.   Also, be mindful of postings that are inadvertent brags.  Most see right through those.
  • Use images that show you as the supreme entrepreneur! Don’t just put an image out there to have new content.  Review those images and make them reflect the real you – you know the professional that will make other businesses shine when they work with you.
  • Network, Network, Network! Hi Ho, Hi ho, a networking we go.  – Online, offline, here an event, there an event, everywhere an event …. Okay, a little corny, but you get my drift.  Get out there and have some fun.  Network and meet new people, whether online or in person that can be your clients, refer clients to you, or just build relationships with.
  • Get involved in “virtual events” or host your own. These are often events where 5 or more entrepreneurs get together with a common theme and share what makes them awesome.  It’s great because not only do you get to connect with these entrepreneurs and build relationships, but you also get introduced to their tribe.  Win/win.  Just go in knowing that it takes time to promote.  Many a virtual event has not succeeded because no one took the time to talk about it.  The more you do, the better your results.
  • “Pitch” the media…and do it right! Write articles on your expertise.  How to articles work best.  Then create Cision databases and send them out.   Then announce on your social media when accepted.  Don’t have Cision?  No problem, email me and let’s see what we can do.

These tips should help.  Also, if you are interested in learning how to market like a pro, consider our latest PR Success Series –  It is 4 webinars, one on marketing like a pro, one on blogging, one on press releases, and one on pitching.   And for a very short time, these are available for $97.00.

Entrepreneurs – Small Business Owners – When is it time to hire a PR Coach

If you have been diligently trying to build your brand and client base, you know how tough it can be to market and grow without a solid marketing plan. While you may have thought as soon as your website went live and you handed out business cards that clients would be rolling in, you soon discovered there was more to it than that.

You may be an expert in your field, but unless you get out there and market, most won’t know about you.  That’s where a PR coach can help. A PR Coach has been trained to help your business grow, get your name out there, and build your client base. Following are just a few things a PR Coach can do. Continue reading

How to Avoid Desperation Marketing – How to Get Clients Now

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How to Avoid Desperation Marketing  –  How to Get Clients Now

Have you ever done this?  Looked at the bank account, looked at the bills, looked at your upcoming schedule and then just went into a major panic?   What are you doing to do?  The bills are coming in, the clients are heading out, and you are stuck right dab in the middle with what seems like no solution in sight?  The last few months might have been great, but now, for some reason times are tough and the clients just don’t see to be there.  What next?

Believe me, many think they are alone in this scenario, but they aren’t.  At one time or another I bet most businesses have faced this dilemma— Lack of Clients, which quickly lead to Desperation Marketing.   They desperately needed to get clients.  ASAP.  Pronto.  FAST!  But can they?

So what is desperation marketing?   It’s marketing when you are so desperate for clients that you work at Superman Speed and throw everything you have out there, with no general direction.  The worst part is clients and potential clients can feel this, and it backfires, often having them lose confidence in your professionalism and services.  These tips should help.

The cure for Desperation marketing – And Ways to Get Clients Now

Plan your marketing.  When you are desperate (oh how I so don’t like that word), often times the fight or flights scenario comes into play.  You sit in front of your computer screen frozen.  What can you do?  The desperate twinge in your stomach tells you that no matter what you do you have to do it fast.   Now instead of going out there and manically tweeting, and sending out terribly written content to make your presence known, come up with a plan.  Create a simple marketing plan that will help you secure the right clients, at the right pay, for the right reasons. Now I’m not saying to spend weeks on this plan (remember you do need that $$$).  But do write down exactly who you want to target and what services you want to provide.   Believe me it just feels better writing it down.

Get to Work – Get Marketing – In your plan include how you can best get those clients.  Review first, how did you get your other clients?  Definitely do more of those things. What you will often discover is that you have quit doing those things and that is what has happened to lead you to where you are today.  Get crack’n again! We recommend you do the following:

  • Write more articles to show your expertise (this is an example);
  • Host a teleseminar;
  • Get active on your social networks with great valuable tips and mention that special you are having);
  • Consider a paid Facebook ad or promotions or a Google ad (with the right keywords of course);
  • Network online and offline and anything else you think can make it happen.
  • And anything else you feel would get you front and center in front of your ideal client.

Now what’s important here is that even after you get those clients to get you out of your crunch, you continue to do these steps so you don’t get back here again.

Review Your Pricing.  Now don’t go lowering your rates, but can you offer these services to those potential clients at a special rate just to jumpstart your efforts. Review your rate structure and see if there might be ways to do that.  Remember you don’t want to come off as desperate; you want to come off as “Hey, let’s work together and I have this great special going on now.”

Connect with Your Current Clients, Potential Clients, Associates, and More – Now is a perfect time to connect with them and tell them about this fabulous special you have.  And yes, it’s okay to mention that you are looking for new clients.  What happens here is many aren’t aware that you need the work and once they are, they might have the perfect connections.

Get Your Head in the Game – It might not seem like it, but your mindset plays a big part in getting and keeping your clients.  Clients can feel fear as much as they can feel confidence.  You always need to portray that confidence to them.

Set Realistic Goals – It’s important to get down in writing what you hope to accomplish and be honest here.  You probably won’t be able to find 10 clients by noon, but can you find two clients by the end of the week.  YES!  That’s doable.  Write it down and do all you can to make it happen.

Hire Help – What?  Didn’t you hear me?  I’m desperate.  That might be true, but it also might be time to hire someone to review what you are doing and give you some recommendations.  Perhaps your marketing isn’t working, because you are doing it wrong and with a little tweak or two, you can turn it all around.  Perhaps you are doing it right, but just not connecting in the right places.  That’s why hiring a PR pro or a PR Coach can often get you on the right track.

We know it’s no fun to have that stress of needing to make money NOW, but hopefully these tips will help you turn it around.  And remember if you ever need help, we are here.

Diana Ennen is the President of Virtual Word Publishing, offering PR and marketing services. Contact her at or @dianaennen for a free PR Informational Package.

** Love to hear your thoughts on this!  What do you do when you need clients NOW!



PR in Today’s Economy – Businesses Learning to Master PR Themselves

PR in Today’s Economy – Businesses Learning to Master PR Themselves

Today’s economy has made more and more businesses forego marketing because of economic concerns. At a time when businesses should be doing more marketing, many are losing clients and sales because of the expense of hiring a PR professional or losing the assistance of a marketing department due to budget cuts. Fortunately, on February 1 that changes. Beginning on that date, authors and businesses will be able to discover the techniques needed to get great publicity by attending the Publicity Success Series

The Publicity Success Series is intended to help businesses master PR skills and get the publicity needed to succeed. The same techniques that the marketing department used to handle is now being taught by public relations specialist, Diana Ennen. Ennen states that over the last few years, a clear new role is emerging where businesses are required to handle more and more marketing tasks. Many businesses just aren’t equipped to do it right. But by learning the basics to writing and distributing press releases, mastering social media, understanding the secrets to pitching the media and more, businesses will now be competing and getting the word out about products and services and get great results.

Ennen has been successfully getting PR for clients for 25 years and has received or secured clients media mentions in such major media as USA Today, Woman’s World, Fox News, CNN Radio, Reader’s Digest, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and so many more. Ennen is eager to reveal the secrets to success.

Ruth Martin of MapleWood Virtual Assistant had this to say about the Publicity Success Series. “Diana covers how to pitch concisely written and topic focused ideas for optimum exposure. It’s like having your very own coach guiding you through the hurdles towards the ultimate goal of getting more PR.”

The classes take place weekly starting on February 1st. All classes are recorded and available via download to listen at any time. Email assistance is also available throughout the course.

For more information contact Ennen at or email directly at For those that want to hire a PR professional, Ennen is also available.

Get More PR Now – The Publicity Virtual Assistant Success Series Continues

Get More PR Now – The Publicity Virtual Assistant Success Series Continues

Have you ever read a great press release and wondered how it is done? Or perhaps you’ve seen an author comment on how their books started selling and thought, what did they do to achieve that success?  The answer is simple.  They teamed up with a publicity virtual assistant who is handling all their PR Marketing needs.  That’s right!  A publicity virtual assistant is the one who is helping them get more PR by writing and sending out all those press releases, taking over their social media campaign, setting up and maintaining book blog tours, and pitching the media.   I bet you wish you had one right now!

Fortunately Virtual Word Publishing, is proud to offer the Publicity Virtual Assistant Summer Success Series.   The series is intended to help virtual assistants master their publicity skills so they can offer that niche to clients, but it’s also a great resource for those that want to learn how to get more publicity on their own.  The series will cover how to write articles, press releases and blogs, how to pitch to the media, master social networking for your marketing campaign, and so much more.   The program will also offer insights into how a publicity virtual assistant can be a valuable and affordable addition to your business.

The classes will be held for the next 5 Tuesdays at 2:00 P.M. EST and all classes are recorded so you can download and listen at your convenience.  As a bonus you can now receive the audio to the free call that discussed 5 ways to get more PR, 3 secrets to pitching the media and mistakes often made in getting PR.  Simply contact Diana Ennen at for that recording.  All of this and more for just $99.00. (Early bird special for $69.00 ends June 20th.)

Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing, will be teaching the classes.  Ennen specializes in publicity and marketing and has appeared or gotten her clients in such major media as USA Today, Woman’s World, Fox News, CNN Radio, Reader’s Digest, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and so many more.   Ennen is also available to handle your PR campaigns if you’d prefer to let a pro take over.

If you need help with your PR Campaign and want to learn how to write killer press releases, articles, and blogs, then sign up now.   For more information contact Ennen at Virtual Word Publishing or email her at

Book Review from Diana Ennen: AlphaWAHM

AlphaWAHMWhat an awesome book, AlphaWAHM BluePrint by Karri Flatla. This is one of those books that the more you do what’s inside, the more you will benefit. The goal of the book isn’t to read it and move on. The goal is to read it, take notes, take action steps, and then come back to the book and repeat the steps above. As the title suggests, it’s a blueprint for business success.

One of the things I really enjoyed was the “Words to Live by” section. Here’s just one example. Empowerment is not to have power over others. It’s to know thyself and consciously manage your actions and reactions to the world around you! – Karri Flatla.

Get your copy today. I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Diana Ennen / President Virtual Word Publishing /

Super Bowl Twitter Party with Diana Ennen

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Also, business tips that relate to football will be provided during the event.  If you have any tips, email me – or leave a comment below.

Like run for a touchdown by always marketing your business, even when you have clients.

Avoid a fumble by preparing ahead.

Also, we are looking for more prize donations.  Whether it’s an half an hour of your services, a book, ebook, report, etc., we’d love to be able to have it as a prize and also to give more exposure for your site.

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Thanks so much for being a part of this.

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Virtual Assistants Excel in the Publicity and Marketing Niche

We all realize how Virtual Assistants have revolutionized the way we work today. Most businesses now count on their Virtual Assistant the same as they used to count on their secretaries, only so much more. VAs are a prized and respected part of their client’s team, and unlike secretaries, who often were taken for granted, Virtual Assistants are praised for their professionalism and skills. Most businesses today can’t imagine where they would be without their VA. And as the potential for success in a virtual assistant business continues to explode, so does the need for good Virtual Assistants.

Today’s Virtual Assistants need to take pride in their business and also to learn as much as they can about their niche, which is the specialty they have chosen to specialize in. One niche that I highly recommend is to offer publicity and marketing services to clients. This is an area that is growing in leaps and bounds as more and more authors, businesses, and other professionals realize the need to market their business to get good publicity. A business can expand tremendously when hiring a Virtual Assistant to help them spread the word about their products or services. Also, authors today aren’t aware that once they write a book, that’s when the real work begins. They need to get the word out about their book in order for it to be successful. That’s where a good Publicity Virtual Assistant comes in.

Publicity and marketing is thrilling to say the least. There’s such a great rush when your client gets recognized in national magazines, or a TV station wants to do a segment on them and you helped them achieve this success. Or better yet, when your efforts start resulting in substantial increased sales for them. Clients will not only keep using your services, but also tell others about this new positive addition they have to their business. And best yet, you too get to feel that satisfaction as you are helping them achieve their goals.

One of my most successful tips is learning how to effectively use any publicity that a client receives. When clients get national attention in a magazine, newspaper, or TV Segment, or even on a popular website, it’s important to make sure that everyone is aware of this. A press release should immediately go out to announce their accomplishment. This release should be added to their website and also should go to all their local papers, radio stations, and TV networks. Media loves to highlight a success story of their locals, so make sure you get this out there as soon as you can. And you don’t have to wait for the publicity to happen. If your client lands a major TV segment, you can start sending this press out beforehand in order to get more media for when the event happens. You just want to make sure that the client is fairly confident the segment will air. Also, don’t worry if the segment gets bumped back, that often happens as breaking news takes priority. This can almost be a blessing, as then you get to do more publicity before the airdate.

It’s also important to follow-up with the reporters and let them know how much you appreciate the acceptance of your quotes for an article. When you go the extra step to show them your appreciation, they remember you when the next article comes up and they need help with more expert advice. Many reporters work for multiple magazines so one good ally can lead to lots of media exposure. Always keep your PR hat on. Learn to take any situation and turn it into good press for your clients and your business as well. Stay on top of current events and see if you have anything to offer. Whenever a story hits the press that any of my clients would have a connection to, I’ll send it right away. Having press releases already prepared for clients on their business is always a great help. How do you know about these events? Sign up for Google Alerts under the topics of interest and then whenever a story is written, you can follow-up with your press release or article to the reporter. It works! I also use ProfNet from PRNewswire, which allows me to get daily leads from major news outlets. You can also consider PRLeads.

It’s also important to learn how to write a good press release and article and also where to send those. Make sure that your press releases and articles are newsworthy and also something that interests the readers. When I write a release, I always think would I read this release? Would it interest me? If not, I doubt your target audience would be reading it either. Plus, be careful to sound too promotional. You can easily get your message across without sounding like an ad.

Publicity is a great niche for Virtual Assistants. To learn more stop by my site at or contact me for a free 10 minute call on PR tips or my free PR Informational Package.


Diana Ennen and Kelly Poelker are the co-authors of numerous books including Virtual Assistant: the Series, Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA and accompanying Virtual Assistant the Series Workbook, and Virtual Assistant – The Series: Working Virtually, A Guide to Working Remotely as an Employee. For complete information on starting your own VA business stop by and Article is free to be reprinted as long as the author’s bio remains intact.