What’s it take to start a business

Questions and Answers from Diana Ennen & Jill Hart —

Hi Jill, I just found your website through my In Touch magazine. I am interested in a stay at home business but have no idea where to get started. It seems a little overwhelming. Can you help me get started?

I  (Jill) can vividly remember that ‘overwhelmed’ feeling when I was trying to figure out what type of business I wanted to start. I knew that I wanted to be my own boss, have lots of flexibility and be home with my kids at the same time…and that’s about all I knew.  Looking back, here’s what we’d suggest you do to get started:

Start with prayer – You may already be seeking God’s wisdom, but if not, we would encourage you to begin steadfastly seeking His wisdom on the matter.

Make a list (or two or three) – Lists can be helpful in a number of ways, especially our favorite – the pros and cons list.  Lists can help you organize your thoughts and think through the many business ideas available to you. We encourage you to make lists to sort through your interests, your skills, and to help you find your passion. These things will determine the business path that you should start down.  Be sure to include what experience you have too.  It’s a combination of skills, experience, passions, ideas that lead to the right business.

Research – We say this alot, but we can really never say it enough: When looking into home-based business opportunities research is KEY.  Spend a great deal of time researching the industry you want to go into.  What’s great is that so many before you who have written how they have succeeded and you are able to use this to start your business.  Look for books, blogs, teleseminars, teleclasses, ebooks, reports, etc.  Follow those in the industry you want to belong on Twitter and Facebook and other social networks.  Knowledge is power and in starting your business it can be priceless.

Starting your business can seem overwhelming, but it’s definitely worth it.


What are your tips for starting a business and staying successful.  I’d love to hear them!  Post away.  Diana Ennen