What’s a Mentor? Do You Need a Mentor for Business Growth?

Jill Hart, owner of CWAHM.com, and I work together on several projects, including our new book “So You Want To Be A Work from Home Mom” (you can learn more about this book here). Well, Jill’s at it again, this time she has been interviewed over at Momlogic.com on the topic of “Mentoring”, specifically “Working with a Mentor”. I believe you will enjoy this interview, just click here!

Do you work with a mentor? Have you ever worked with a mentor? I’d love to hear about your experience, please leave a comment below!

We Were Quoted in Forbes!

Check out our mention in Forbes ….

We were thrilled to be quoted in Forbes this week. You have to scroll through the video.  It’s an article on when to logg off and on over the holidays.


Here’s my quote!

It’s best to keep your BlackBerry far from reach on the holiday itself, shares Diana Ennen, author of So You Want to Be a Work-At-Home Mom. One bad piece of news on Christmas morning can derail even the happiest of holidays. “Once I got an e-mail from a client stating that they would no longer need my services because of financial problems. It was a long-term client and a hard blow for my business. I couldn’t shake it all day.” Her holiday was spoiled by that e-mail, even though the client returned.

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